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09/12/2008 12:52:24 PM

Football games scheduled for September 13, 2008 have been cancelled due to Hurricane Ike.

Upcoming 2008 Seasons There will be several changes made forming teams and placement of players for the 2008 seasons (basketball, soccer, baseball, and football). This is being done to prevent having stacked teams. Teams are being built with children that are out of zip code area, school areas, and are almost too old to play in their leagues. It seems to us that some coaches are going out of the playing areas and recruiting players by paying for them and having tryouts for their teams. In order for these practices to be stopped, we are implementing the following rules: 1. Players on teams must be from same zip code. 2. Only Bossier Parish players will be grand fathered in. 3. Players cannot play in two different leagues (school teams, other leagues in area). 4. Players that are not residents of Bossier City will be allowed to register to play and BPAR will place them on a team. We will put players from Haughton, Benton, Elm Grove, and Plain Dealing on their respective teams. Players from other towns or cities will be placed on a team nearest to their zip code. If a team is brought in by a coach, all players must be from same zip code or school. 5. Coaches cannot have tryouts to form their team and if anyone does this and we are notified, the coach will not be allowed to coach for BPAR. We apologize if this hurts anyone, but we are trying to make the leagues fair for all players and coaches.

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