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2019-2020 schedules are available online now, click on the links on the side as needed. Games begin in December on Saturdays.

League tournament is Feb. 1 at Conway Springs for grade 3, Feb. 8/9 at Garden Plain for grades 4-6, more info at end of regular season.

Please check the website for updates over the season. Click on latest news for information on the league and the Code of Conduct. Please show great respect and sportsmanship at all games and please no negative remarks towards anyone at anytime. SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR THE KIDS, BE THE ADULT AND DON'T YELL AT THE OFFICIALS!

Finding officials is a difficult job for youth leagues and it is becoming an issue on the high school level too. Why is that? If you talk to most officials they enjoy the games, helping children, but many do not sign up to get yelled at, booed, or ridiculed. If you have never officiated a sport than you really do not realize it is not the easiest thing to do. Officials try to make all calls correctly and most of them do, even on plays that are real close to call, and guess what they do it knowing that probably only half the crowd will be happy and the other half may not agree with them. Mistakes happen, but that does not mean it is time to yell at the official and set a poor example for the kids. So next time you think about saying anything to an official please take the time remember the official is doing their best and by saying negative things to them does not help and is best kept to yourself. Set a good example and cheer the kids on. The league is always looking for officials so please take the time to consider offering your help for your community.

Thank you to all the coaches volunteering your time this season! You have a tremoundous responsibility in teaching the kids skills and strategy of basketball, but more important you teach them about life lessons, such as, sportsmanship, teamwork, winning and losing with dignity, respecting your oppenent, the officials, and the rules of the game, plus much more. Please do your best to set a good example by not complaining to the officials. Thanks again for being a positive coach and influence on the children of the league.

Click here for League Rules & Code of Conduct.

Coaches, please send your scores (grade, team #, versus & score) to brent@cheneyrecreation.com. Reminder, the scores are only informational and have no affect no standings/seedings etc. This email is for scores only. If you have issues contact your town representative for assistance.

League Tournament will be at Conway Springs February 1 for grade 3 and Garden Plain February 8/9 for grades 4-6. Brackets will be updated later in the season.

Click here for the tournament link WSC Tournament

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