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Finding umpires is a difficult job for youth leagues and it is becoming an issue on the high school level too. Why is that? If you talk to most umpires they enjoy the games, being outside, helping children, but many do not sign up to get yelled at, booed, or ridiculed. If you have never officiated a sport than you really do not realize it is not the easiest thing to do. Officials try to make all calls correctly and most of them do, even on plays that are real close to call, and guess what they do it knowing that probably only half the crowd will be happy and the other half may not agree with them. Mistakes happen, but that does not mean it is time to yell at the umpire (which often is a high school age kid) and set a poor example for the kids. So next time you think about saying anything to an umpire please take the time remember the umpire is doing their best and by saying negative things to them does not help and is best kept to yourself. Set a good example and cheer the kids on. The league is always looking for umpires so please take the time to consider offering your help for your community.

League Schedules are to be complete late April- click on the appropriate age group link on the side. Coaches may be adjusting some games before the deadline of Friday, May 10, updates will be shown after that date.

Click here to check field status during inclement weather. Updated after 4:35 pm. Keep an eye on the radar

Tournament website information is available by clicking here.

UPDATES ON THE TOURNAMENTS DUE TO WEATHER WILL COME FROM THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR TO THE COACHES AND TOWN REPRESENTATIVES. Tournaments may begin June 22 weekend. Tournament schedules will be available June 21, click on the tournament link.

Tournament Locations: CPG-Colwich, CPB-Cheney, 3/4G-Andale, 3/4B-Garden Plain, 5/6G-Colwich, 5/6B-St. Marks, 7-9G-Colwich, 7-9B-Andale.

SCORES MUST BE TURNED IN AFTER EACH GAME to Scores are just informational. Scores do not actually matter in league standings or tournament seedings, just win/loss record. Contact your town representatives/director on issues not this email.

Tournaments will be seeded from the scores turned in by Thursday, June 20, regardless if all scores have been turned in, to allow brackets to be available to everyone as soon as possible. Remaining dates & scores still must be submitted for league standings. See rules on rescheduling games & end of season no play games in general rules.

View the Twin Rivers League General League Rule for All Ages

View the Twin Rivers League Letter to All Parents

View the Twin Rivers League Code of Conduct

View the Twin Rivers League Girls Pitching Rules

*2024 see update

For Directions and information about field locations, click on location schedules and select the location you would like information about.

To get additional contact info for the team you are playing, select Team Schedules on the left, then select the team you will be playing.

All questions or concerns or complaints on rules or issues please contact your director or town reprentative in charge of your communities program.

Thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods for helping our organization this season.

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