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Welcome to our Tournament Site.

Single elimination playoffs will start immediately after the regular season and will typically last two weeks.

After teams have been seeded according to their standings, all captains will receive a text with the playoff schedule as well as it being posted online to be followed by all players. In playoffs, it is not uncommon to play more than one match in a given night.

No substitutes will be allowed during playoffs. All players must have signed the roster and waiver.
Some nights with larger leagues, there may be an upper and lower bracket to keep the competition fair for all based on skill level.

Playoffs are set up one of two ways depending on the league size: 1) BEST OF 3 -rally to 21 (win by 2), 45 minutes time slots. 2)BEST OF 5- Rally to 21 (win by 2), 1 hour time slots.

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