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Welcome to the Fort Myers Skatium Coed Soccer League Website! Join the Fall 2012 Coed Indoor Soccer League! Cost will be $75 per player. Games will be played on Sunday afternoons at the Fort Myers Skatium. Season will now have an additonal 2 games added to the season, which will make it a 12 game season plus playoffs. The fall coed season will be scheduled into three divisions, gold, silver, and bronze. Sign up as a team or as an individual! For more details, please visit our website at: Registrations and team commitments are due no later than October 20th, 2012. The first game will be on Sunday, October 28th. Registrations can be picked up at the Fort Myers Skatium located at 2250 Broadway, Fort Myers, FL All teams make playoffs within there own division. Determine Team Standings by: #1 Win Percentage #2 Head to Head Record #3 Goals For #4 Goals Against The Fort Myers Skatium Coed Indoor Soccer League is an adult athletic program designed to provide organized athletics to local adults. Indoor Soccer Leagues run year round with three to four seasons a year. The playing surface is a 200 x 85 ft. multi purpose sport court located inside the Fort Myers Skatium in downtown Fort Myers. The Indoor Soccer League is open to individuals of all athletic abilities. The game is a (2) 24 minutes half's game with 5 on 5 player structure. Teams play once a week on Sunday afternoons. On this site you will find current and previous season information. For information, please contact Sarah Roark 239-321-7512 List of League Champions Megsters United - Winter 2008 Sharks - Summer 2008 Megsters United - Winter 2009 Innovative Concrete - Fall 2009 Team Red - Winter 2009 Sofa King Good - Summer 2009 Sofa King Good - Fall 2009 The Dogs Bollox - Gold Division - Winter 2010 Wolfpack - Silver Division - Winter 2010 Miracle Babies - Gold Division - Summer 2010 Green Street Elite - Silver Division - Summer 2010 Miracle Babies - Gold Division - Fall 2010 FC United - Silver Division - Fall 2010 Dynasty - Gold Division - Spring 2011 Terminal Velocity - Silver Division - Spring 2011 Blues Brothers - Gold Division - Summer 2011 Show Stoppers - Silver Division - Summer 2011 Show Stoppers - Gold Division - Fall 2011 Friends of Law - Silver Division - Fall 2011 Crew - Bronze Division - Fall 2011 Dynasty - Gold Division - Spring 2012 Spit Fire - Silver Division - Spring 2012 Yolo - Bronze Division - Spring 2012 Coed Indoor Soccer Rules - Effective 2/21/11 Rosters/Players " All players must have filled out a league registration form and be at least 18 years old " Teams must have a minimum of an 8 active player roster. " All substitute players must be pre-approved by League Administrator. No subs for playoffs " Any player with an outstanding debt after 3 games will be removed from league. " Jewelry and other accessories are prohibited. " Players must have played in four regular season games to participate in playoffs. " Rosters may not exceed 15 active players " All players must have matching jerseys/shirts (no tank tops) " All players must check in on the league sign in sheet before each game. " No spectators, children, or friends maybe on players benches at anytime. Games: " League will use a size 5 soccer ball provide by Skatium. " All games will consist of two (2) twenty four minute halves. " Running clock will apply in all games. " A four minute halftime will be given. " Games will consist of 6 players on the field. (Keeper Included) " Teams may play with minimum of 4 players. " COED: must have minimum of 2 players of the opposite gender at all times. " Each team will have 2 - 30 second timeouts/game. (Must have possession and be a dead ball) " Teams may pass back to goalie, but goalie may NOT use hands on pass backs. " Players may freely substitute during game, players must be 10 feet from bench to sub out. " NO Slide Tackling Red/Yellow/Blue Cards " All Red Cards will result in an automatic ejection from game. (team will play down) " All players who receive a red card will face possible game suspensions. " All Yellow Cards will result in a team playing down a player for a full 4 minutes, the player who receives the card must sit out for the 4 minutes. " All Blue Cards will result in a team playing down a player for a full 2 minutes, the player who receives the card must sit out for the 2 minutes. " Any player that leaves the bench during an altercation will receive a Red Card. Out of Bounds: " Any ball that goes above the rink boards and hits the net or ceiling will be a dead ball. Opposing team will be given an indirect free kick. Spot of the ball will be determined by official. " Any ball that is kicked out of play by the defense behind their goal will result in a corner kick. Ball will be placed within four feet of red marking in corner of the rink. Defensive player must give offense adequate clearance to kick (officials discretion) Overtime " Overtime will only be used in playoffs only, all regular season games will end in ties. " Overtime will run (2) 5 minutes halves " 5 players penalty shootout will be used if extra time ends in a draw The City of Fort Myers/Fort Myers Skatium Staff withholds the right to change and or modify rules as necessary.

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