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10/4/12 All registration for the Fall season are due by Saturday, October 20th, the new season will start on Sunday, October 28th. The cost is now $75 per person to play. If you have any questions please call 239-321-7512 or email There will be an additional 2 games added to the season, which will make it a 12 game season plus playoffs! 8/26/12 Due to Hurricane Issac and the Fort Myers Skatium having to close early on Sunday, August 26th the following teams will have make up games on Saturday, September 8th 1pm YOLO vs. Fish N Chips 2pm Kixx United vs Wolfpack 3pm Wicked vs FMB Squad 4pm Scallyswag Swag vs Lehigh's Finest 5pm Crew vs Misfits 6pm Dynasty vs FMB Squad 4/26/12 Kixx United vs. Ramrods playoff game moved to 5/13 at 11 am due to schedule issues for both teams. 2/21/12 Games schedule for 4/8/12 have been rescheduled for 4/22/12 for all division. Playoffs for the silver and gold division will begin on 4/29/12. Playoffs for the bronze division will begin on 5/6/12. Thank you. 1/22/12 - February 5th, the Coed Indoor Soccer League will only have 2 games scheduled at 1 pm and 2pm on 2/5/12 due to scheduled events. Thank you. 10/31/11 As playoffs approach, as a reminder there is to be no sub players in playoffs, all players must participate in a minimum of 4 games and have all balances paid to be a rostered player. 10/17/11 Fall 2011 season playoff brackets are now up under picture gallery. 9/22/11 Schedule Changes have been made for Terminal Velocity Vs Sharks FC and Kixx United Vs Lollygaggers for 10/23/11 Schedule Changes have been made for Fish N Chips Vs Sharks FC and FC Bennettons Vs Unified Design Corp for 11/20/11 9/11/11 The season schedule and standings from the first week have been posted. *IMPORTANT* The two silver division teams that meet in the final championship game at the end of the season will both automatically move to the gold division for the Winter 2012 season in January. Have a great fall season. 9/8/11 Fall 2011 Coed Indoor Soccer league schedule is now online! Please note we have published only the first week. We would like to have the first week off and running to see if any changes need to be made before posting the remaining season schedule. The remaining season schedule will be posted on Monday, September 12th, 2011 before the end of the day. We have 18 teams this season so that means 9 game time slots. We will be starting with a 11 am game this season. I wanted to speak to everyone this season before scheduling anyone for this time. Any teams that can make the 11 am game please let us know this weekend and we will take that into consideration for the remaining schedule. The season schedule will run from September 11th till November 20th. We will have a league off weeks on November 23rd and 27th, 2011. Playoffs will run from December 4th to December 18th, 2011. 7/5/11 We have moved the games this weekend (July 10th) to July 31st due to a scheduling conflict. Games are schedule for July 31st as follows 12:00 pm GREY GOOSE VS DYNASTY 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm SILVER DIVISION first and second round playoffs 7:00 pm INNOVATIVE CONCRETE VS LEHIGHS FINEST Captains for the gold division teams, please notify your players accordingly. Thank you very much for your understand, the season will still end on time on August 14th for both division. Fall season is schedule to begin on September 11th, 2011. 6/13/11 - GAMES SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 19TH HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED 3 HRS EARLIER, PLEASE SEE REVISED SCHEDULE. THANK YOU. 4/30/11 Game times have been edited on June 12 and July 17th for Crew, Sheriffs FC, FC United, Wolfpack, Spark, Grey Goose, and Lehighs Finest. 3/31/11 Terminal Velocity and FC United game changed to 8:00 pm on 4/2/11 requested by both teams. 3/21/11 Spring 2011 Playoffs - Below you will find the playoff schedule for the spring season. As a reminder, NO SUBS in playoffs, no exceptions. Good Luck! March 27th, 2011 - FIRST ROUND 7:00 PM - SILVER - 4TH Victorious Secret VS 5TH Sheriffs FC 2:00 PM - GOLD - 4TH Lehighs Finest VS 5TH The Reds - CANCELLED 3:00 PM - SILVER - 1ST Work Release VS 8TH Spark 4:00 PM - SILVER - 3RD Wolfpack VS 6TH Terminal Velocity 5:00 PM - SILVER - 2ND FC United VS 7TH Crew 6:00 PM - GOLD - 3RD Blue Brothers VS 6TH The Best Team in the League 1:00 PM - GOLD - 2ND Dynasty VS 7TH Grey Goose 1st Place Gold Team - Innovative Concrete - First Round Bye April 3rd, 2011 - SECOND ROUND 4:00 PM - GOLD - DYNASTY VS BLUE BROTHERS 5:00 PM - OPEN 6:00 PM - GOLD - 1st Innovative Concrete VS 4th Lehighs Finest 7:00 PM - SILVER - WORK RELEASE VS SHERIFFS FC 8:00 PM SILVER - TERMINAL VELOCITY__ VS_ FC UNITED April 10th, 2011 - FINAL ROUND 6:00 PM - SILVER- SHERIFFS FC VS TERMINAL VELOCITY 7:00 PM - GOLD - DYNASTY VS INNOVATIVE CONCRETE 3/14/11 Join the Summer 2011 Coed Indoor Soccer League! Season starts up on May 1st, 2011. Cost will be $60 per player. Games will be played on Sunday afternoons at the Fort Myers Skatium. Season runs for 10 regular season games followed by playoffs. The summer coed season will be scheduled into two divisions, gold and silver. Sign up as a team or as an individual! For more details, please visit our website at: Registrations and team commitments are due no later than April 24th, 2011. 2/21/11 Adult Indoor Soccer league rules have been updated and clarified regarding substitutions and timeouts.

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