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Saturday will be a pool play in ALL divisions. There is at least a 2 game guarantee on Saturday, not to exceed 3 games.
Sunday will be Single elimination tournaments in ALL divisions. (see Seeding for more information)

Sunday's game times are NOT available until all game play is completed on Saturday and scores/records have been recorded in the system. Please allow until around 7pm Saturday for Sunday's game times to be posted. We appreciate your patience.

The Brackets have now been finalized and no changes will/can be made at this point. If there are any errors on where teams are placed/playing, please understand that these brackets are final and based upon the information provided on team registration forms.

If you were placed in a bracket/division that is INCORRECT based on the information provided on your registration form, changes cannot be made at this time. Please understand that providing incorrect information, and/or not reporting errors to us before registration closes, may be cause for forfeiture of games regardless if they have been played or not.

Sunday's tournaments are seeded according to game play on Saturday with higher seeds gaining advantage. Each Divisions' seeding records will be posted online by Saturday evening.
Teams Seeds are determined by the following:
1- Record: # of games won on Saturday
2- Points For: In the event multiple teams have the same win record, the tie breaker is decided by total points scored Saturday (team with more points receives higher seed)
3- Points Against: In the event there is also a tie between points received, the 2nd tie breaker is decided by total points AGAINST that team on Saturday (team with LESS points scored against them gets higher seed)

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