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S1 A: T Ball South
S2 B: T Ball North
S3 C : Zooka 1 South
S4 D: Zooka 1 North
S5 E: Zooka 2
S6 F: Rookie Live North
S7 G: Rookie Live South
S8 H: Minor Live South
S9 I: Minor Live North
S10 J: Majors
S11 K: Junior D1
S12 L: Junior D2
S13 M: Junior D3
S14 N: Senior D1
S15 O: Senior D2/3
S16 Q: Bigs D2/3
S17 S: Hawkball North
S18 T: Hawkball Central
S19 U: Zooka South
S20 V: Zooka North
S21 W: Zooka 2a
S22 X: Zooka 2b
S23 Y: Rookie Live A
S24 Z: Rookie Live B
S25 ZA: Minor A
S26 ZB: Minor B
S27 ZC: Bigs D2
S28 ZD: Bigs D3
S29 ZE: Hawkball South
S30 ZF T Ball South Semi Finals
S31 ZG T Ball North Semi Finals
S32 ZH Zooka South Semi Finals
S33 ZI Zooka North Semi Finals
S34 ZJ Majors Semi Finals
S35 ZK JD2 Semi Finals
S36 ZL JD3 Semi Finals
S37 ZM SD1 Semi Finals

Saturday, 30 November 2019
10:30 am S20 BYE LL Zooka North NO GAME vs Kissing Point LL Zooka North Red

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