MPBS 2016 Spring Playoffs


Tournament Events:

Master Schedule

NOTE: Official game Start-Time for all playoff games is actual start time, not "scheduled start time" as we do during regular season.

Pitching Limiits will be reset from end of regular season to start of playoffs

Pinto & 8U-Softball - 2/game, 4/week
Mustang & 10U-Softball - 3/game,3/DAY, 6/week
Bronco - 4/game,4/DAY, 8/week
Pony - 4/game, 5/day, 10/week
(40 hour rest rule applies at per game limit - this includes softball)
Pitching resets to start 'World Series'

World Series Pitching Limits (limits reset to start World Series):
Any pitchers reaching the regular per game limit (see above) cannot pitch the next game

TIME LIMITS - There is no Drop-Dead time in playoffs or World Series games.
No-New-Inning-After rules are the same as regular season:
Shetland - 1:15
Pinto - 1:30
8U-Softball - 1:20
Mustang - 1:40
10U-Softball - 1:30
Bronco - 1:50
Pony - 2:15


EXTRA INNINGS - CA Tiebreaker Rules will apply (see our local rules Tournament section for details) in all divisions for games going into extra innings or going beyond the No-New-Inning time limit.

Shetland - 5/inning max first 4 innings, then 10/inning max after
Pinto & 8U-Softball - 5/inning max first 3 innings, then 10/inning max after
Mustang & 10U-Softball - 5/inning (plus continuation) max first 3 innings, then 12/inning max after.
Bronco - No run limit
Pony - No run limit

MERCY RULES - 15-run mercy rule after 3 innings, 10-run mercy rule after 4 innings.

General Rules;
There are NO "courtesy runners" allowed in playoffs
NO SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS ALLOWED (unless specifically approved by league)

MINIMUM PLAY-TIME RULES - Regular season rules still apply for Shetland, Pinto & 8U-Softball Divisions. In Mustang, 10U-Softball, Bronco & Pony, regular season rule does not apply, no player can sit consecutive innings.

HOME TEAM is the higher seed until Championship Game. For Championship Game home team is the winning-bracket team. For "if necessary" game home team alternates. Home Team in World Series is determined by coin flip, and then it alternates from there.

BOTH TEAMS REPORT INNINGS-PITCHED WHEN REPORTING SCORES. Innings-Pitched need to be reported in all cases.

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