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GEABL Fall ball 2021 is here.

Added to the rules but reminder:

If the same 2 teams are playing on the same day on the same field, the 2nd game will start NO LATER then 30 minutes after the first game ends.


Fall ball pitching does not use spring pitching rules with rest days for various reasons. Here is how fall ball pitching will work:

Each team players will have be allowed to pitch the max pitches PER WEEK. Minors is 75 and Majors is 85. A fall week is Friday to Thursday..

Minors: 75 pitches , 3 innings max per game 6 innings per week (friday to Thursday)

Majors: 85 pitches. 4 innings max per game 8 innings per week (Friday to Thursday)

Each game is 6 innings (both minors and majors and 2 hours. No new inning may start after 2 hours) . We do a 10 and 2 start time FOR GAMES THAT require switching of fields. IF both games are at the same field with the same teams, some minors weekends and all of the Majors are set up that way, the 2nd game will start no more then 30 minutes after the first game ends.

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Fall GEABL Minors Rules

Fall GEABL Majors Rules

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