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Playoffs 2022:

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that the quaters and Semis will be considered a week event. Pitching rules and rest days apply like normal except that the max innings for both rounds cannot exceed 6 for minors and 10 for majors even if weather moves games into a new calendar week.

Pitching then will reset one last time for the start of the championship series. The entire series is a week long event. innings pitched and rest days are for the entire series

Each playoff game wiill have 2 umpires at full rate. 55 plate and 45 bases. Each team pays 50.00 towards the umpires.

Reseed after every round

Minors playoff schedule

Semifinals 2 games will be played 6/11 at 10 am


Quaterfinals 6/15 4 games
Semifinals: 6/17 2 games

Championship Series:

Game 1: June 20th
Game 2: June 21st
Game 3: June 23rd if necessary

Will make the change in the minors rules but just so everyone understands...

ONLY time a base runner on 3rd can advance on a throw is if the catcher attempts to pick off the runner at 3rd. If that happens the runner on 3rd may advance to home.

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Geabl 2022 Minors spring rules

Geabl 2022 Majors spring rules

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