Chicagoland Boccia Regional 2022

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Welcome to the Chicagoland Boccia Regional 2022 Tournament

On this page, you will be able to locate the schedule for the day, along with the list of players, a player's schedule, and results.



1st Place - Darving Rosa
2nd Place - TJ Zweidinger
3rd Place - Will Gallup

BC2 - Was a mix of BC2 and BC5 Players

1st Place - Michele Lynch
2nd Place - Rick Guardino
3rd Place - Matt Hiltner


1st Place - Sean Walker
2nd Place - Barry Popkos
3rd Place - Blake Weakland

All Divisions are round-robin; the final place in the pool is the FINAL PLACEMENT for the tournament.

Please Note: Some divisions are mixed with players from other classifications. This was done to ensure all players received four games at the tournament. Regional tournaments aim to guarantee players a minimum of four games. Look at these mixed divisions as a way to improve your gameplay.

See you on the court!

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