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USA Boccia Nationals - Turnstone - Fort Wayne IN


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Welcome to Boccia Nationals 2023

On this page you will find player list, schedule, and results.


BC 1 Final Standings
1st Place - Wyatt Struxness
2nd Place - Casey Sowers
3rd Place - Elianna Horner
4th Place - TJ Zweidinger
5th Place - Troy Berry

BC 2 Final Standings
1st Place -AB Anwar
2nd Place -Brian Zacarias
3rd Place -Patrick Parkes
4th Place -Ryan Brooks
5th Place -Jessica Witek
6th Place -Slawomir Jedryczka
7th Place -Deja Barber
8th Place -Michele Lynch
9th Place -Dylan Schneider
10th Place -Mark Peters
11th Place - Will Gallup

BC 3 Final Standings
1st Place -Kalvin Blauert
2nd Place -Steve Dell
3rd Place - Daniel Castillo
4th Place -Sean Walker
5th Place -Fawad Zakai
6th Place -Austin Hanson
7th Place -Zack Winkle
8th Place -Danny Dalton
9th Place - Joshua Carel
10th Place - Robert Gustafson
11th Place - James Miranda
12th Place - Laura Estrada
13th Place - Tony Randolph
14th Place - Shavonna King
15th Place - Candace Gregg
16th Place - Rachel Kator

BC 4 Final Standings
1st Place - Nick Taylor
2nd Place - Jeremy Palmer
3rd Place - Cassie Mitchell

BC 5 Final Standings
1st Place -Charles Scott
2nd Place -Jeremy Finton
3rd Place - Rafael De' Jesus
4th Place -Chris Rodgers
5th Place -Steven Lewis
6th Place -Eduardo Gonzalez
7th Place -Adam Burnett
8th Place -Cara Liebowitz
9th Place -Alex Russo
10th Place -Christine Ledger
11th Place -Becca Payne
12th Place -Robert Arciola

Open Final Standings
1st Place - Nook Gustamante
2nd Place -Eric Hoerner
3rd Place -Jeremy Harry
4th Place -Devin Wolfe
5th Place -Darius Thompson
6th Place -Rita Cospelich
7th Place -Johnnie Baylark
8th Place -Aaron Carr
9th Place -Susan Dochterman
10th Place -Kristen Rosequist
11th Place - Janice Avant

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