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VB AOS 3rd Wright (1)
VB AOS 4th Michael (1)
VB AOS 5th Goodwin (1)
VB AOS 5th Popovici (5)
VB AOS 6th Basu (2)
VB AOS 6th Michael (1)
VB Kinkaid 6th (3)
VB ROB 4th Brown (4)
VB ROB 4th Hodges (3)
VB ROB 5th Hamner/Novotny (4)
VB ROB 5th Hodges (2)
VB ROB 5th Jordan/Gasser (3)
VB ROB 6th (4)
VB ROBS 3rd (2)
VB SJD 4th Oliver (2)
VB SJD 5th Boyd (6)
VB SJD 5th Wright (7)
VB St Annes 5th McConn (8)
VB St Annes 6th (5)

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