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17th Ave/Shore Parkway ------ This field is at 17th Avenue and Shore Pkwy - by the Belt. Please enter through the gate on 16th Avenue. Take Crospey - turn on Bay 16th and ride toward Shore Parkway and the Belt - you will see the field on your right. It is between 16 and 14th - 17 Avenue dead ends at the park

68th Precinct Fields are located at 83rd Street in the Shore Road Park. The "Little field" is the smaller field closest to the entrance. The main field is the large, fenced-in field to the right of the little field as you enter

79/Shore Road ------ There are three fields located in the Shore Road Park between 79th and 75th Streets. #1 is the field closest to the park house as you enter through the 79th Street gate. #2 field is in the middle. #3 field is the most distant from the park house and is the closest to 75th street

95/Shore Road ------ Two large unfenced fields located in Shore Road Park at 97th Street. Entering from 97th Street, #2 is the field located next to the St. Patrick's enclosed field. #1 is the field next to the park house - the most distant from the 97th Street entrance and the closer to St. Ephrem.

Ben Vitalle Dyker Bay 8th Street ------- These fields are located on Poly Prep Place - by the VA Hospital. From 86th Street, turn right onto 7th Avenue, ride pass Poly Prep and the VA Hospital. The fields are on the right. The outside of the fields are marked. We have Field # 4 and Field # 5,

Dust Bowl --------- The two dirt fields on 65th and 8 Avenue. # 2 is the field further away from 8th Avenue - towards the back of the park when you enter from 8th Avenue. The # 1 field is the closest to the gas station on 8th. If you have a game here you MUST be off the field before 8:00PM - no exceptions

Dyker Park/14h Avemue ------------- These are a series of 4 fields located on 86th Street between 13th and 14th Avenue. As you turn on 14th, the # 6 field is second field - it is currently not marked. The # 2 field is the turf field directly opposite the # 6 field .

Fort Hamilton --------- These are the 2 fields located at 83rd and Colonial Road. The #1 field is the larger of the 2 fields - closest to Colonial Road. The smaller softball size field is the #2 field - closest to Fort Hamilton High School. Both the #1 and the #2 fields have backstops. The # 3 field is the space down the right side of the #1 field - closest to the playground - down the first base line of the # 1 field if you are standing on home plate. The # 4 field is the space down the left side of the # 1 field - closest to Fort Hamilton High School - down the third base line of the # 1 field if you are standing on home plate. If you are playing on the # 3 or the # 4 field, you must be aware of the teams playing on the # 1 and the # 2 fields. Field # 5 is in the middle of the field. If necessary, please put some adults in your outfield

Leif Ericsson --------- The Leif Ericsson - Chris Hoban - fields are located in 67th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. The entrance is on 6th Avenue in the middle of the block. The # 2 field is the closest to 6th Avenue - it is the smaller of the 2 field. The # 1 field is the larger of the two fields - closest to 5th Avenue.

St. Ephrem ------------- Fenced-in field located at 94th Street in Shore Road Park. Entrance in at Oliver Street; follow steps to fenced-in field beyond the playground.

St. Patrick --------- Fenced-in field at 97th Street in the Shore Road Park. Coming down the stairs, it is to the left. The St Patrick main field is the large field. The St. Patrick's 3A field is the field in the far outfield of the main field - it is straight back as you enter the enclosed field.

St Athanasius ---- Located on 53rd Street between 20th and 21st Avenue. There are 2 fields. The Main field # 1 is the larger field on the left as you enter the complex. The # 2 field is also there. It is not the T Ball field but another new field.

Good Shepherd - Avenue U and East 60th Field - Belt Parkway east to Flatbush ave north. Take Flatbush ave to Ave U and make right. Follow Ave U to East 60th Street - field on left.

Good Shepherd - Marine Park Field 4 - Belt parkway East to Knapp Street exit. Make left onto Knapp Street. Take Knapp Street to Gerritson Avenue. Make left onto Gerritson Ave. Take Gerritson Ave to Ave T and make a right turn. Marine Park is the field straight in from there

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