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Team NameParticipating in
Coed D1 1st HootsCoed D
Coed D1 2nd BeastsCoed D
Coed D2 1st Hos On FirstCoed D
Coed D2 2nd Breaking BallzCoed D
Coed D3 1st Wet SoxCoed D
Coed D3 2nd SFogCoed D
Coed D4 1st WeeblyCoed D
Coed D4 2nd WTPCoed D
Coed D5 1st ChupacabrasCoed D
Coed D5 2nd Crazy DeliciousCoed D
Coed D6 1st Brain CrushersCoed D
Coed D6 2nd Just BarelyCoed D
Coed DD 1st YakuzaCoed DD
Coed DD 2nd FamigliaCoed DD
Coed DD 3rd Flying SquirrelsCoed DD
Coed DD 4th Nappy DugoutCoed DD
Masters L 1st Upper DeckersMasters Lower
Masters L 2nd Da BearsMasters Lower
Masters L 3rd Olde SoxMasters Lower
Masters L 4th RootsMasters Lower
Masters U 1st 12 Angry MenMasters Upper
Masters U 2nd Other CafeMasters Upper
Masters U 3rd Olympic BlackMasters Upper
Masters U 4th Rip CityMasters Upper
Mod Coed 1st* BoomModified Coed
Mod Coed 2nd Angry BatsModified Coed
Mod Coed 3rd Cant Spell BeerModified Coed
Mod Coed 4th Lending ClubbersModified Coed
Open 5 1st Where Pitches AtOpen D
Open C 1st* FuriesOpen C
Open C 2nd Parkside TavernOpen C
Open C 3rd FlatlinersOpen C
Open C 4th Model OhsOpen C
Open CC 1st* LeosOpen CC
Open CC 2nd KekambasOpen CC
Open CC 3rd MotherloadOpen CC
Open CC 4th Olympic Club OpenOpen CC
Open D1 2nd SF Athletic ClubOpen D
Open D11st Inglorious BattersOpen D
Open D2 1st The Cream TeamOpen D
Open D2 2nd Cornerstone AcademOpen D
Open D3 1st Strike TysonsOpen D
Open D3 2nd Caught LookingOpen D
Open D4 1st The HeatersOpen D
Open D4 2nd Aces Softball ClubOpen D
Open D5 2nd OMBOpen D
Open D6 1st Team Got HeemOpen D
Open D6 2nd CobrasOpen D
Open DD1 1st Blooms KamikazesOpen DD
Open DD1 2nd Duck the FodgersOpen DD
Open DD2 1st The DingersOpen DD
Open DD2 2nd WallbangersOpen DD
Open DD3 1st VansOpen DD
Open DD3 2nd Hog HeavenOpen DD
Open DD4 1st Send NewtsOpen DD
Open DD4 2nd Pro Bay SonsOpen DD
Open DD5 1st Blooms DeepOpen DD
Open DD5 2nd Bobby CoxesOpen DD
Open DD6 1st The TonesOpen DD
Open DD6 2nd GunsOpen DD
Open DD7 2nd Olympic Club RedOpen DD
Open DD7 1st Mighty MelonheadsOpen DD
Open DD8 1st Honey BadgersOpen DD
Open DD8 2nd ToronadoOpen DD
Open DD9 2nd FellazOpen DD
Open DD9 1st Spread the GloveOpen DD

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