spring playoffs 2018

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TeamWinsLossesWin PctPFPA
Open 5 1st Where Pitches At01.001024
Open D1 2nd SF Athletic Club11.505036
Open D11st Inglorious Batters11.501932
Open D2 1st The Cream Team11.504745
Open D2 2nd Cornerstone Academ11.502819
Open D3 1st Strike Tysons11.502424
Open D3 2nd Caught Looking31.759167
Open D4 1st The Heaters01.001030
Open D4 2nd Aces Softball Club01.001011
Open D5 2nd OMB01.001030
Open D6 1st Team Got Heem301.005213
Open D6 2nd Cobras01.001232

* Stats are for this event only

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