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Team NameParticipating in
Coed D1 1st BeastsCoed D
Coed D1 2nd Da Bad Newz BeerzCoed D
Coed D2 1st Sparkle MotionCoed D
Coed D2 2nd Breaking BallzCoed D
Coed D3 1st SF SlayersCoed D
Coed D3 2nd WTPCoed D
Coed D4 1st City Crew CoedCoed D
Coed D4 2nd Jack MamasCoed D
Coed D5 1st EbisuCoed D
Coed D5 2nd Orange CrushersCoed D
Coed DD2 1st Dobbs Flying SqCoed DD
Coed DD2 2nd 500 LongballersCoed DD
Coed DD3 2nd DriftersCoed DD
Coed DD3 1st Silver Cloud GigCoed DD
Master C Upper 1st* 12 AngryMasters C Upper
Masters C Low 1st* Other CafeMasters C Lower
Masters C Low 2nd SF OldsMasters C Lower
Masters C Low 3rd Plumb LocoMasters C Lower
Masters C Lower 4th RootsMasters C Lower
Masters C Upper 2nd Rip CityMasters C Upper
Masters C Upper 3rd Olde SoxMasters C Upper
Masters C Upper 4th Da BearsMasters C Upper
Mod Coed 1 1st BenchwarmersModified Coed
Mod Coed 1 2nd Pinko de MayoModified Coed
Mod Coed 2 1st YakuzaModified Coed
Mod Coed 2 2nd Kekambas MCModified Coed
Open C1 1st Wise GuysOpen C
Open C1 2nd Young Guns Old MenOpen C
Open C2 1st Furies COpen C
Open C2 2nd Kekambas COpen C
Open CC1 1st Savage GardenerOpen CC
Open CC1 2nd LeosOpen CC
Open CC1 3rd SF SealsOpen CC
Open CC1 4th MotherloadOpen CC
Open D1 1st A-Open D
Open D1 2nd Big 13Open D
Open D2 2nd The Cream TeamOpen D
Open D2 1st Major Beer LeagueOpen D
Open D3 1st 34" and SwingingOpen D
Open D3 2nd The Bitter EndOpen D
Open D4 1st Aces SoftballOpen D
Open D4 2nd Mark BelhornOpen D
Open D5 2nd Honey BadgersOpen D
Open D5 1st Where My PitchesOpen D
Open D6 1st Team Got HeemOpen D
Open D6 2nd CobrasOpen D
Open DD1 1st Duck the FodgersOpen DD
Open DD1 2nd TempestOpen DD
Open DD2 1st Kekambas (D)Open DD
Open DD2 2nd The DingersOpen DD
Open DD3 1st Shanghais DeepOpen DD
Open DD3 2nd VansOpen DD
Open DD4 1st McTeagues SaloonOpen DD
Open DD4 2nd Marine LayerOpen DD
Open DD5 2nd Buseys ChildrenOpen DD
Open DD5 1st Olympic Club GreyOpen DD
Open DD6 1st Olympic Club RedOpen DD
Open DD6 2nd SilvercloudsOpen DD
Open DD7 1st GunsOpen DD
Open DD7 2nd Whiskey ThievesOpen DD
Open DD8 1st ToronadoOpen DD
Open DD8 2nd MalichaOpen DD
Open DD9 1st ConsumersOpen DD
Open DD9 2nd Alternative FactOpen DD

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