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4:13 Basketball
Altitude 4&5G
Blue Jays 7G
Bulldogs 6G
CC Tigers 4&5G
CC Tigers 6B
CC Tigers 7G
Colorado Crushers 7G
Colorado Flight 4&5 Boys
Colorado Flight 8B
Colorado Springs Blue 7G
Crusaders 4/5B
Crusaders 4/5G
Crusaders 6G
Crush 8B
CS Eagles 8G
Down by 1 4&5 Boys
Down by 1 6B
Down by 1 7B
Eagles 28
Eagles 7B
Falcon Bombers 7G
Falcon Bombers Green
Falcon Bombers White
Falcon Primetime 4&5 Boys
Falcon Primetime 6B
Fusion Longshots 7G
Hoosiers 8B
Jr. Cougars
Lady Blue Devils 8G
Lady Fire 8G
Lady Lightning Bolts
Lady Tigers
Lady Warriors 6G
Lady Warriors 8G
Longshots 4&5G
Longshots Blue
Mile High Magic 7B
Monument Mayhem 4&5G
Monument Mayhem 6G
Monument Mayhem 7G
Monument Mayhem 8G
Monument Warriors 7B
Panthers 7G
Peyton Panthers
Pueblo West Thunder 4&5G
RIP City 2026
Rip City 6th
River Hawks 7G
Rockies 8G
Slammin 'n' Jammin
SlingShots 7B
Swat Team 8B
Team Frost
Thunder Struck 8G
Warriors 6B
Warriors 7B
Wolfpack 8B
Wrecking Shop

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