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Welcome to our 2023 SWI Website!

SWI Playoffs are LIVE! Under the Latest News

SWI Playoff Winners

Pinto - Bedford Park
Mustang - Hills Hellhounds
Bronco - Westside Cardinals
Pony - Bedford Park
8U - Chicago Ridge
10U - Midway 2
12U - Hills
14U - Palos - Koenig
16U - Palos

Rules Notes
There is no UNLIMITED runs in the last inning, if the opposing team states this or the umpire, the game should be protested, get your books signed.

No new inning to start after 1 hour and 45 minutes and a drop dead with revert back to the last full inning played at 2 hours.

Field Locations are under the Links section

Games Need to be reported in this fashion:

Date of Game
Home Team Name - Score
Visiting Team Name - Score
Divison of Team

Hills game cancelation hotline 708 802-2483. Updated by 4:30 PM on questionable game days

Travel/High School Players are listed under the Latest News Tab

SWI 2023 Baseball Rule Book

SWI 2023 Softball Rule Book

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