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SWBC Championship for Saturday February 23rd is attached below.

There are TWO possible schedules. The Final Schedule will be selected based upon the East Troy Girls Basketball team and their Regional game on Friday night. With a Win, we use the ALTERNATE schedule. Let your programs/teams/coaches know as there are a few differences, and I tried to keep those changes to a minimum. Sorry for any inconvenience. But, we are very appreciative of East Troy to host again and the ability to have 6 courts available to hold such a large tourney - 63 games in One Day!

The schedule will be posted on the website.

There were several easy seedings to complete, but there were also many hard decisions. I tried my best based on scores, records, and a few emails sent to me to place teams in the best position. We did form a 3rd grade division. There were several divisions with Tier I and Tier II Championships. We also formed large full grade brackets for 5th and 7th graders. I know we cannot make everyone happy, but I tried my best to make this a great experience for the young men playing in our league. I hope they enjoyed the season and became better players and better individuals as a result.

Thank you everyone for being part of the SWBC this season. I appreciate it.

Good Luck,

Chris Bauer
Eisenhower Boys Junior Lions Basketball

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