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Directors and Contacts,

I have a Tentative Schedule for the End of Season SWBC tourney. There were various factors involved in making this schedule. It also needs to be reviewed by our Head Referee, East Troy, Brad Henes, and myself for any issues that may be seen.

I am sending to each of you to give your teams a General Idea of the day. This may be altered in the upcoming week, but I am hoping to lock it in by Feb 9th for Format and then fill in teams Immediately after Feb 16th games.

Please review the Attachment. It contains the Overall MASTER schedule for which gym each game is played designated by a number - first number is Grade, second number is game number as correlates in tabs. For example, 8.7 is 8th grade, game #7.

Quick Notes for Brackets:
Every Team is Guaranteed TWO Games
Tier I or Tier II. Tier I will be more competitive teams - mostly RED division teams.
3rd grade division as we have 7 3rd grade teams.
5th Grade has One bracket
7th Grade also has One bracket
3rd,4th, and 5th will have mostly Morning and early afternoon games
6th,7th, and 8th will be mostly early afternoon to evening games.
Seedings will be based on Division and some Cross over scores.
Some Teams have requested to move up or down based on How their season has gone
Please review the schedule attachment, but remember this may be altered slightly based on the completion of the season.

Have a great week and Stay Warm!

Chris Bauer

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