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Location Schedule - New Berlin Eisenhower HS (lower) #3


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S2 5th Grade
S3 6th Grade
S4 7th Grade
S5 8th Grade
S6 U10 WBA
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Saturday, January 19, 2019
8:00 am S1 4th New Berlin Eisenhower A at 4th Waukesha North
9:00 am S3 6th New Berlin Eisenhower at 6th Cudahy B
10:00 am S1 4th Waukesha North at 4th Burlington A
11:00 am S3 6th Waukesha West at 6th Cudahy A
12:00 pm S3 6th Cudahy B at 6th Greenfield B
1:00 pm S3 6th The Prairie School at 6th Waukesha West
2:00 pm S3 6th Cudahy A at 6th The Prairie School
3:00 pm S3 6th Greenfield B at 6th Waukesha South
4:00 pm S5 8th East Troy at 8th Greenfield
5:00 pm S4 7th Burlington at 7th Waukesha West
6:00 pm S3 6th Waukesha South at 6th New Berlin West
7:00 pm S4 7th Milwaukee Reagan at 7th Burlington

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