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Welcome to our SFRPD 2019 Junior Warriors League Website! We are glad to have all returning teams and excited for the newcomers.

Please check weekly for updated game scores, locations, and times. Please note we did our best in trying to create the most fun, competetive, and learning environment with scheduled games. Remember sportsmanship, intergrity, and respect for both opposing teams & officials comes first.

[HOME] wears white color uniform and [AWAY] wear blue color uniform. The second team listed after AT is hometeam. Ex: Celtics "at" Warriors. Warriors are the HOME team.

"REC and PARK teams" that have two teams at one recreation site are listed with "Day and Time".

Playoff format: Due to odd number of teams within divisions. We understand that some teams only play 6 games. For playoffs we will only count the FIRST 6 games played and base the standings off that.

Top 4 teams make playoffs. ---------- ONLY the 3/4th, 5/6th, and 7/8th teams have playoff games. Playoffs will start February 28th and end on March 2nd. First round on thursday 2/28 and championship on Saturday 3/2.

We are excited to have everyone back. Lets make it another great season!

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