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2020 - 2021

* Always check Diamond allocations when you arrive at the ground(Usually at the Canteen). The time and location will be correct but the actual Diamond Number may vary from the Draw.

* Some games start will earlier or later than usual, due to pressure on available Diamonds

* Rookie Live, Minors & JD3 Draws finish 21/11 as these comps will be graded and redrawn.

* This is the only Official Draw please check on Friday before the game in case there have been any late changes that have not been notified to your Club.

****** 22/11/20 ******

* Round 5 Scores Upload.

* DRAWS FOR REDRAWN COMPS ARE DRAFT ONLY and will be subject to numerous changes.

****** 23/11/20 ******

* Redraw V2
Changes at Auluba, Glover, GJ, Oakleigh, Rofe, Bicentennial

****** 23/11/20 ******

* Redraw V3
Changes at Pioneer

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