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Games hopingto be rescheduled:

*12th, Woodward, Michael Mccormack at 12th, Westminster, Zach Hanson
*12th, HIES, Ben Mcginty at 12th, Westminster, Reid Pemberton

Current available times for make-up games:

1. Saturday April 1 2:00, 5:00
2. Weeknights teams can agree on.
Contact charlesa@prumc.org with suggestions.

Welcome to the 2022-23 PRUMC High School Basketball league;

A few reminders:

o Players who appear on any high school varsity basketball roster for the current school year are ineligible as players

o Players must be prepared to show ID at any time in order to play in games

o Teams may not have more than two coaches on their bench. Only the head coach is allowed to stand when the clock is running and must remain in the coaches box.

o Food and drinks are not allowed in the gym. Non-spill bottles only on player benches (no screw on caps)

oThere must be one parent from each team present on the bench at all games.

o A team must have a minimum of four players on the floor to begin play. A grace period of 10 minutes past the scheduled game start time will be granted to allow for players to arrive. If play cannot begin after that time, the game will be considered a forfeit.
" The referee is in charge of the game at all times.
" Jerseys will be provided to your team captain at your 1st game. Replacement jerseys are $25.
" Please do not refer to "PRUMC" in any social media posts
" Facilities and parking lots are under video surveillance

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