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Berwyn Blazers FC 10 Boys
BRUFSA 09 Girls Romeo
BRUSFA 09 Girls
BSC 05 Purple Girls
BSC Raiders 05 Boys White
BSC Raiders 06 Boys Black
BSC Raiders 06 Boys Red
BSC Raiders 06 Girls Silver
BSC Raiders 07 Boys Red
BSC Raiders 07 Silver Girls
BSC Raiders 09 Purple Girls
BSC Raiders 09 Silver Girls
BSC Raiders 10 Boys Black
BSC Raiders 10 Boys Red
BSC Raiders 10 Purple Girls
BSC Raiders 11 Boys Black
CFJ West 05 Boys Premier
CFJ West 06 Girls Premier
CFJ West 06 Select Girls
CFJ West 07 Boys Premier
CFJ West 07 Girls Premier
CFJ West 07 Select Boys
CFJ West 08 Boys Premier
CFJ West 08 Boys Select
CFJ West 08 Select Girls
CFJ West 09 Girls Select
CFJ West 09 Premier Boys 1
CFJ West 09 Premier Boys ll
CFJ West 09 Premier Red Boys
CFJ West 10 Boys Premier
CFJ West 10 Boys Select
CFJ West 10 Girls Premier
CFJ West 10 Girls Select
CFJ West 10 Premier Boys 2
CFJ West 11 Boys Select
CFJ West 11 Girls Select
CFJ West 11 Premier Boys
CFJ West 11 Premier Girls
CFJ West 12 Boys Premier
CFJ West 12 Girls Premier
Firebirds 09 Boys Black
Firebirds SC 05 Girls
Firebirds SC 06 Girls
Firebirds SC 07 Boys Black
Firebirds SC 07 Girls
Firebirds SC 08 Girls
Firebirds SC 10 Boys Black
Firebirds SC 10 Girls
Firebirds SC 11 Boys Black
Galaxy SC 11 Girls Black
Hickory Hills Eagles 10 Boys
Hickory Hills Eagles 12 Boys
Illinois Magic FC 07 Boys
Illinois Magic FC 07 Girls
Illinois Magic FC 09 Boys
Jogo Bonito 09 Girls
LG Celtics 07/08 Boys
LG Celtics Bibroci 06 Girls
LG Celtics Caledones 08 Girls
LG Celtics Cateni 08/09 Boys Green
LG Celtics Setantii 07 Girls
LTSC 05 Boys Showcase
LTSC 05 Select Girls
LTSC 06 Select Girls
LTSC 07 Showcase Girls
LTSC 08 Select Boys
LTSC 08 Select Girls
LTSC 09 Boys Blue
LTSC 09 Boys White
LTSC 09 Select Girls
LTSC 10 Boys Blue
LTSC 10 Boys White
LTSC 10 Select Girls
LTSC 11 Boys Blue
LTSC 11 Boys White
LTSC 12 Travel Boys
LTSC 12 Travel Girls
LTSC Select 06 Boys
OBSC 09 Boys Blue
OBSC 09 Boys Red
OBSC 10 Blue Boys
OBSC 2011 Boys Blue
Orland Park Sting 08 Boys
Orland Park Sting 08 Girls
Orland Park Sting 10 Boys Select
Orland Park Sting 10 Elite Boys
Orland Park Sting 10 Girls
Orland Park Sting 11 Boys
Orland Park Sting 12 Boys
Rage SC 07 Boys
Roadrunners G2011 Select 1
Roadrunners SC 06 Select Boys
Roadrunners SC 07 Select Boys
Roadrunners SC 09 Select Girls
Roadrunners SC B2008/09 Black
Roadrunners SC B2010 Select
Roadrunners SC B2010/11 Black
Roadrunners SC B2011 Select
Roadrunners SC B2011/12 Black
Roadrunners SC G2008 Black
Roadrunners SC G2010 Select
Roadrunners SC G2010/11 Black
Roadrunners SC G2011 Select II
Roadrunners Select 09 Boys
Spartan FC-Homer 2010/11 Boys
Synergy 05 Boys
Synergy 06 Girls Green
Synergy 07 Girls Green
Synergy SC 05 Select Girls
Synergy SC 06 Boys
Synergy SC 07 Boys
Synergy SC 07/08 Boys
Synergy SC 08 Girls
Synergy SC 09 Boys
Synergy SC 09 Girls
Synergy SC 11 Boys
Synergy SC 11/12 Girls
Synergy SC 12 Boys
Synergy SC 13/12 Boys
Tinley Park Bobcast 10 Girls
Tinley Park Bobcast 10 Gold Boys
Tinley Park Bobcats 05 Boys
Tinley Park Bobcats 06 Boys
Tinley Park Bobcats 06 Girls Gold
Tinley Park Bobcats 07 Girls
Tinley Park Bobcats 08 Boys
Tinley Park Bobcats 09 Boys
Tinley Park Bobcats 09 Girls
Tinley Park Bobcats 10 Boys Black
WC Rampage 06 Boys Black
WC Rampage 07 Boys Black
Windy City Rampage 06 Girls Black
Windy City Rampage 07 Boys Yellow
Wizards FC 10 Diamond Girls
WLSC 11 Boys
WLSC 12 Boys Black
WLSC 12 Boys Green
Young Wolves SC 10/11 Boys

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