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2022 Winter Season 24 Teams/2Divi/4Conf Playing at Buffalo Glen & Everglades


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Welcome to our League Website!
You will find Team stats for current and past seasons, there are no individual player stats.

Here Are Your Current Board of Directors
Wayne Grunewald: Commissioner
Steve Marlette: Vice Commissioner
Billy Layton: Coordinator of Teams and Players
Darren Ivey: Recording Secretary
Ray Walters: Umpire in Chief
Steve Goldberg: Webmaster
Randy Haynes: Executive Secretary
Tom Bortle: Coordinator of North Fields
Randy Gray: Coordinator of South Fields
John Rasmussen: Scheduler of North Sub Desk Volunteers
Art Flaherty: Scheduler of South Sub Desk Volunteers
Steve Stevens: Scheduler of South Umpires
Robert Loeffler (non-Board member): Scheduler of North Umpires

Don't forget to explore the Links for sites of interest including all Villages Recreation Department Softball League Websites and SSUSA Rules!

2022-2 Summer Schedule With Announcers

2022-2 Summer Post Season Schedule

2022-2 Summer Player Roster

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Tie Breaker Explained

N3 Softball Bylaws, January 2022

N3 Softball Policies Updated May 2022

N3 Softball Procedures Updated May 2022

N3 Softball Important Playing Rules Updated May 2022

2022-3 N3 Fall Registration Form

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