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PLEASE BE ADVISED, SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Especially this first week or two. We will make every effort to make sure everyone is aware that there have been changes, but it's not always possible to reach everyone so it's best to check weekly.

MAPS TO ALL FIELDS CAN BE FOUND ON THE WEBSITE, just scroll down on the home page

End Of Season playoffs for all divisions Shetland & up. Double elimination at the higher levels.

(applies to ALL games at Menifee, French Valley and Elsinore locations)

-- Games are 7 innings max.  Extra innings allowed if enough time left, and ties are possible
-- No new inning after 1:50-Bronco, 2:00-Pony
-- Drop dead at 2:15-Bronco, 2:20-Pony (but no drop-dead in Pony if no game follows, till 10:00pm max)
-- Bat thru the lineup
-- Players can't sit more than 2 innings, and they can't sit consecutive innings.
-- No player shall sit defensively for a second inning until all players have sat out at least one inning.  If game goes extra innings then no player can sit consecutive innings applies.
-- Run limit of 6/inning (plus continuation) thru first four, then 12/inning in all following innings
-- Run mercy will be 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings. (Bronco & Pony)
-- No metal cleats on portable mounds (1st offense, pitcher immediately removed from mound for game)
-- A player unable to bat is an out for the first time only, but no penalty if it's due to game-related injury
-- No more than 4 badged volunteers allowed in dugout.
-- Pitch Smart Pitch Count Rules apply for all pitchers. 
-- All balks are enforced.


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