Fall 2021 IM Football

Junior-Senior Division Roster

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Team NameRecordPFPA
Bachynsky Vladies Badies2/22016
Crachy Daddy Destroyers2/21213
Cudal Cuballers0/208
da Luz Revolutionaries0/22224
da Luz Seal Team 61/23832
Freestone We Must Be Step Bros4/274128
Hecht The Hechtlers2/22234
Lamerato Daddys Little Boys4/23146
Obeirne Beirne Em Up5/28674
Okuley Spirit Dress Everyday2/23628
Oliwa We Dont Want to be Here0/202
Palafox The Chemy Choppers5/117064
Slusher Slushys TDs0/2624
Wallace Holey Holey Homeroom0/2630

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