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Master Schedule

LocationEventDate/TimeTeamsPoolGameMan Schd
Go to 'World Series' bracketColt-Palomino Playoffs Riot, Betos Longshots 10Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs11/28/2022 05:00 PMBetos Longshots, Tigers 1Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs11/30/2022 05:00 PMMisfits, Betos Longshots 3Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs11/30/2022 06:50 PMTYB Blackbirds, Mariners 2Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs11/30/2022 07:15 PMRiot, Mariners 4Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs12/5/2022 05:00 PMRiot, Betos Longshots 7Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs12/5/2022 07:15 PMMisfits, Tigers 8Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs12/7/2022 06:30 PMMisfits, Betos Longshots 9Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino Playoffs12/12/2022 07:15 PM  11Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino World Series12/15/2022 05:00 PMRiot, Longshots 1Yes
Lago Vista #1Colt-Palomino World Series12/15/2022 07:00 PMRiot, Longshots 2Yes
MahoganyColt-Palomino Playoffs12/3/2022 09:30 AMMisfits, TYB Blackbirds 5Yes
MahoganyColt-Palomino Playoffs12/3/2022 12:00 PMMariners, Tigers 6Yes

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