Eugene End of February 2017

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Team NameParticipating in
Areizaga/CarbajalB Doubles
BatemanOpen Singles Consolation
Bateman/TownsendOpen Doubles Consolation
Beall S/Lawrence
Beall/EnglishOpen Doubles
Bogle/DeanOpen Doubles Consolation
Bogle/DeanOpen Doubles
Boyden/ClowB Doubles
BrissendenB Singles Consolation
Brissenden/ErtsgaardB Doubles
Brubaker/Aldape60 Doubles
clowB Singles Consolation
Connors/Horton70 Doubles
Deboer70 S Consolation
Deboer/P Beall70 Doubles
Delaney/S Beall60 Doubles
EnglishOpen Singles Consolation
FloresOpen Singles Consolation
Garner/DelaneyOpen Doubles
Gaudia/SteinbacherC Doubles
harperB Singles Consolation
Keegan/SchneiderB Doubles
Kersey/LampeA Doubles
Kersey/StearnsC Doubles
Kussow60 S Consolation
Kussow/Marinella60 Doubles
Lampre/KerseyA Doubles Consolation
Latona/McBride70 Doubles
Lawrence/Starcher60 Doubles
Lindros/KraghtC Doubles
Loser 1/A Doubles Consolation
B Doubles Consolation
Open Doubles Consolation
Loser 3 if necessaryA Doubles Consolation
B Doubles Consolation
Open Doubles Consolation
Loser 4 if necessaryB Doubles Consolation
Loser2/A Doubles Consolation
B Doubles Consolation
Open Doubles Consolation
Lousignant/PowlessA Doubles
M StenbergOpen Singles Consolation
McGarry/FredenbergB Doubles
McKee/BrownsenC Doubles
McKee/OConnorC Doubles
McKenziex2B Doubles
McNair/CarbajalA Doubles
MundorfNovice Consolation
No ShowNovice Consolation
nononeB Singles Consolation
Oconnell/GreenA Doubles Consolation
OConnell/GreenA Doubles
Penning/Ikard70 Doubles
Reed70 S Consolation
Romanchuk/HinmanA Doubles
Seedborg/DeanA Doubles
Stearns/Kersey C
Stenberg x 2Open Doubles
Stenberg, M
Stender60 S Consolation
Stender/HoldenA Doubles
Stender/HoldenA Doubles Consolation
Townsend/BatemanOpen Doubles

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