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League Contact Information:
Email: chelseasoftballnyc@gmail.com
Phone: (646) 580-1472

1. John Yoo: johnyoo79@gmail.com My Softball profile. Age: 34 Position(s): I can play 2b, or anywhere in the outfield. Pitch on/off. Skills (how would you sum up the type of player you are and skill level): Consistent hitter. My last formal league average was a few years ago about .280. Contact base hitter. Should be fine in modified. More than happy to meet / tryout play.
2. Carlos Nunez: 917-310-7066 email amiguitolocco@juno.com - add me to free agent list,position is p,1b, been pitching for 25 years at randall and 10 st fdr. playe in your league in 1995 with the tribe the rojitos. i have 5 championships with the new york palace hotel and 5 league mvp. im 44 years old.check out hotel employess sport league for more info. we are the 2014 champ new york palaces.we going to punta cana on july for free trips.or gogle new york palace sofball team . ty
3. Charles Reeves: 6462202732@pm.sprint.com I received your e-mail. I'm wondering what should a Free Agent do. Because, I don't know what the process is for people without a team. Thank you in advance.
4. Dave Celano: 732-300-1142 Celanod@gmail.com 46yr old Lefty 1B/P some outfield, can hit for power. Been playig softball for 20 yrs started in SI ASA, play currently in Middletown NJ and Toms River, NJ -- play both modified and slow pitch. Thanks Dave
5. Dan Kelley: 914.882.0000 Or email. vardstar@aol.com I would like to be placed on your free agent list. I am available pretty much every weeknight. I Bat right, throw right. Mostly 1st base, or outfield. 6'3", 225lb. Played baseball through junior college, and in many softball leagues.
6. Jason Hanks: 925-858-1643 Jdhmd14@gmail.com I just moved to midtown Manhattan from California and I am looking to play on a softball team. I am a 36-year-old male and I have prior college baseball experience. I can play any position. Can you please put me in touch with any team that might need players?
7. Michael Longo: 347 860 4530 cmfmike68@aol.com wondering if any team needs a catcher....I played with zog, Yorkville and expo leagues...played catcher in all 3 leagues...also pitched in some games....when needed....
8. Rich Lacourciere 646-599-3753 Rich.lacourciere@aol.com Played on top division teams in NYC and Long Island. Also Played in National Tournaments. Very versatile player...any infield position.
9. MARK GLENN PIETRUSZEWSKI 917-538-8671 markglennstudio1@gmail.com My softball career goes back to my teen years. Just looking to have fun and get active this season!
10. Anthony Lebbad - anthonylebbad@gmail.com - I'm a lead-off, very fast, slap hitter type. Left handed, Outfielder position. I've played high school baseball and competitive softball for 9 years. Men's skilled league for 4 years Philly wooden bat league 1 year 8 consecutive years playing in tournaments
11. Noel Martiniez - (631)578-9730 - mrmartinez35@yahoo.com - Just moved to queens from long island and I'm looking for a team. Nights monday,wednesday,friday nights, saturday all day or sunday nights. I throw left and bat left i can play OF 3B 2B 1B descent speed and bat.
12. Jesse Piliere - 518.878.2137 - jpiliere7@gmail.com - Play outfield, have played in competitive softball leagues for 10 years, good pop and great speed. Dependable and competitive. Will be able to make most of the games.Played baseball through high school.
13. Sal Impieri - scaffold64@aol.com - 917-861-4822 - I've been playing Softball for about 30 years presently 50 years old excellent health . Played religiously in the outfield and usually batted 6th in the line up - alot of power average glove - fast a little rusty now I would think but need some playing time I would think. I was most valuable player ( Going back CYO for 10 years in a row from 1982 to 1993 then got married lol) Played Division Two College Ball for 4 years in late 80's 1986 to 1990 - approximately Looking forward to play - wouldnt expect to start every game or just jump in as needed; wouldnt want to cause problems with other steady old players that have been together for many years; just to start some playing time until I get some time in would be great. Live in Brooklyn.
14 & 15. Jon Courtney and David Rodriguez - 212.799.7398 - 1a647d4a26e339bc9ef70e98fa5478e8@reply.craigslist.org - Two very good softball players are looking for an additional league/team. Both already play in the fireman league. Both Players 6 feet, 180lbs. We would like to play on the same team if possible. Player 1: OF, strong bat, fireman, played in fireman league for 10+ years. Player 2: OF, Modified Fast Pitcher (1990-2003), strong bat. Played in the Central Park (5 Diamonds) Restaurant and ShowBiz Leagues for 16 years as pitcher and OF'er. Moved to London in 2003 and played Tournament softball traveling around the country, co-ed and men's slow pitch for 10 years.
16. Bradley Nicholson - bnick25@hotmail.com - I've played on various co-ed and all male softball teams in San Francisco, Portland Oregon, and here in NY. I played baseball in high school for a couple of years. I can play any position and like to pitch.
17. Manuel Torres - TORRESMA@coned.com (646) 320.5347 - I've been managing / playing with a softball team up in Rye, NY. Unfortunately this year I don't have enough players to put a team out in the field and since my new job position is in Manhattan I figured I would join a league in the city. I can play various positions…Pitcher, Catcher, 1B, 2B, RF, LF & Short center if applicable. If anyone needs a player please give me a call.

Banned Players List:
Richie Collado

Past Champions of the Chelsea Park Softball League NYC:
2014: Brugal beat Mustang Harry's Shockers (2-0)
2013: Brugal beat Walter's Bar (2-0)
2012: Brugal beat Public Enemy (2-0)
2011: NO LEAGUE PLAY (field renovation)
2010: Outsource beat Mustang Sally (2-0)
2009: Lehr beat Brugal (2-0)
2008: Lehr beat Harry's/Shockers (2-0)
2007: Mustang Sally beat Harry's/Shockers (2-0)
2006: Lehr beat Harry's/Shockers (2-1)
2005: Harry's/Shockers beat Lehr (2-1) (Harry's Shockers formerly Mustang Harry)
2004: Mustang Sally beat L-10 (2-0)
2003: Forest Rangers beat Mustang Sally (2-0)
2002: Mustang Sally beat Lehr (2-0)
2001: Mustang Sally beat Harry's/Shockers (2-0)
2000: Mustang Harry beat Designtex (2-1)
1999: Mustang Sally beat Triple Crown (Triple Crown formerly CJs) (2-0)
1998: Mustang Sally beat CJs (2-0)
1997: Knights beat Mustang Sally (2-1)
1996: Flames beat Mustang Sally (3-0)
1995: Mustang Sally beat Tribe (3-0)
1994: Flames beat Mustang Sally (Mustang Sally formerly Membrainz) (3-2)
1993: Flames beat Membrainz (3-2)
1992: Flames beat Membrainz (3-2)
1991: Membrainz beat Smith Barney (2-0)
1990: Smith Barney beat McCoys (3-1)
1989: Membrainz beat Smith Barney (2-1)
1988: Smith Barney beat Membrainz (2-0)
1987: Membrainz beat McCoys (2-1)
1986: Erisco beat Tishman (1-0)
1985: Erisco beat McCoys (1-0)
1984: Erisco beat Mallory (1-0)

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