2012 Chelsea Park Softball League NYC

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4/25/2012 12:27:52 PM

League Contact Information:

Email: chelseasoftballnyc@gmail.com
Phone: (646) 580-1472

Free Agents:
1) Michael Mendelsohn mjmendelsohn@gmail.com 212-390-2404 If roster spots havenít already been filled, I am interested in the post on craigslist looking for softball players. If I could get some more info that would be great. I played baseball my entire life including division 1 college ball but switched to softball 5 years ago after knee surgery. I play in a Sunday morning league already but am looking for a weeknight team as well. I typically play left, left center, or 1B in softball but can play anywhere. I would be interested in finding out a little more about the league and the team. My daytime # is 212-390-2404. Thanks

2) Milan Pester - milanpester@yahoo.com I am interested in the softball league. I am 21 years old and played baseball all my life. I played in high school and am an all around good baseball player . Please let me know.

3) John L. Duque - nycpara33@aol.com 718-676-5291 I am interested in playing on a team. My name is John, 43 years old, been playing softball for the past 5 years, infielder. I can be reached in the evenings at 718-676-5291.

4) Robert Rodriguez - reynabobby@hotmail.com My name is robert rodriguez i am a ss i am 32 y i play college and professional
in puerto rico and mexico and gat hurt and going the military know i work in the
city and want to play on week nite

5) Dave Berson - Davidberson1@gmail.com 646-574-6426 Hey, my name is Dave. 22 years old - played baseball in high school and club level in college. Started playing softball the last year or so. Definitely looking to join a league. My # is 646-574-6426

6) Daniel Diaz - daniel.diaz2@jjay.cuny.ed
718 300 4214 I'm I tested in playing I play outfield first and second, I played hardball for Stevenson highschool from 95-99 and for Lehman college in 2000.
I also played hardball for NYC metro leagues ny express from 06-07 and queens alliance Brooklyn baseball club in 08. My name is daniel diaz my number is 718 300 4214

7) Ibrahim Bechrouri - edb65090826d384cb5d3e3d776678402@reply.craigslist.org I'am a french visiting scholar of 22 years old who is in Columbia University from February to July and I want to play baseball, softball or any kind of football to compete, have fun and improove my skills. I always was fond of american sports, I played basketball for years, I'm playing football for 4 years now and I was playing in three different softball/baseball team past year in the same time (male and coed fastpitch softball club, male baseball club, co ed university fastpitch softball team). I felt in love with it past year and I played for a pretty good french softball team (which probably mean an average team in the USA) mostly as center field but also as pitcher (9th or 1st batter cause I get on base). So, I still have to improve my skills but people say that I'm pretty good and that I have some potential. Also, I always gave and I'll give all I have in every practice and game. Hoping for hearing from you soon!

8) Michael Zanzano - Yes I'm interested in playing I'm an experienced second baseman middle infielder. I played for 25 years and can bring a huge part to the team. Let me know thanks! mzanzano@gmail.com

9) Gerald Marquez - Played on a team last year who dropped out of the league. Decent player. qnsguy@gmail.com

Past Champions of the Chelsea Park Softball League NYC:
2012: Brugal beat Public Enemy (2-0)
2011: NO LEAGUE PLAY (field renovation)
2010: Outsource beat Mustang Sally (2-0)
2009: Lehr beat Brugal (2-0)
2008: Lehr beat Harry's/Shockers (2-0)
2007: Mustang Sally beat Harry's/Shockers (2-0)
2006: Lehr beat Harry's/Shockers (2-1)
2005: Harry's/Shockers beat Lehr (2-1) (Harry's Shockers formerly Mustang Harry)
2004: Mustang Sally beat L-10 (2-0)
2003: Forest Rangers beat Mustang Sally (2-0)
2002: Mustang Sally beat Lehr (2-0)
2001: Mustang Sally beat Harry's/Shockers (2-0)
2000: Mustang Harry beat Designtex (2-1)
1999: Mustang Sally beat Triple Crown (Triple Crown formerly CJs) (2-0)
1998: Mustang Sally beat CJs (2-0)
1997: Knights beat Mustang Sally (2-1)
1996: Flames beat Mustang Sally (3-0)
1995: Mustang Sally beat Tribe (3-0)
1994: Flames beat Mustang Sally (Mustang Sally formerly Membrainz) (3-2)
1993: Flames beat Membrainz (3-2)
1992: Flames beat Membrainz (3-2)
1991: Membrainz beat Smith Barney (2-0)
1990: Smith Barney beat McCoys (3-1)
1989: Membrainz beat Smith Barney (2-1)
1988: Smith Barney beat Membrainz (2-0)
1987: Membrainz beat McCoys (2-1)
1986: Erisco beat Tishman (1-0)
1985: Erisco beat McCoys (1-0)
1984: Erisco beat Mallory (1-0)

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