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AE-JR-1-Viscoti Bob Visconti
AE-JR-2-Diedic Doug Diedic
AW-JR-1-Angels Scott Nichols
AW-JR-2-Red Sox Erik Martinez
AW-JR-3-Marlins Miguel Torres
BH-JR-Angels Kyle Purser
CN-JR-Reds Jered Devich
FH-JR-1-Brewers Frank Bailey
FH-JR-2-Giants Justin Wehling
WC-JR-1-Hitman Craig Erickson
WC-JR-2-Dodgers Paul Gallegos
WS-JR-1-Padres James Roberson
WS-JR-2-Brewers Thomas Keshishian
WS-JR-3-A's Tyler Duncan
WS-JR-4-Giants Dave Berger

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