USA Boccia Nationals Team/Pairs 2021

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Master Roster

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Team NameParticipating in
2 Girls and a Guy (3)Team
Bulldog (2)Team
Dream Team (5)BC3 Pairs
ED Squared (3)BC5 Pairs
Finton/Burns (EXH)BC4 Pairs
Gravity Buster (3)BC3 Pairs
Hammer (1)BC3 Pairs
Hot Shots (EXH)BC5 Pairs
Long Island Express (1)BC5 Pairs
Mission Imbocciaball (2)BC5 Pairs
Parkes, Harrison, Oatis (1)Team
Sawyer/Stokes (2)BC4 Pairs
Super Boccia Krushers (2)BC3 Pairs
Team PT (1)BC4 Pairs
Thunderbolts (4)Team
Thunderbolts! (4)BC3 Pairs

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