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Team NameRecordPFPA
Bari Musawwir, Gunslinger3/148.1647.559
Bari Musawwir, Metal Mulisha0/114.0812.27
Brad Pitt, Son uva Digger0/199.9911.02
Charles Newberr, Taz0/199.9916.99
CharlesNewberry, Hazardous Mater0/199.9912.3
CharlieBuckland, Monster Energy0/116.4510.93
CharlieBuckland, SS Grave Digger1/124.0524.44
Chris Roberts, Rage0/112.4511.6
Clyde Delisle, Bad News Green0/115.5412.08
Clyde Delisle, Bad News Purple1/121.84110.78
Clyde Delisle, Iron Outlaw0/199.9910.75
Clyde Delisle, Mad Scientist1/126.2125.99
Gavin Kirby, Grave Digger1/136.628.14
Greg Sopa, The Legend0/117.1615.6
James Linnenbau, Frogger1/131.27112.64
James Linnenbau, Super ShaftJeep1/134.6226.68
Jamie Grund, Son Uva Digger1/125.85111.03
Jamie Weir, Carbon1/130.7531.58
Jason Hodgkinso, Reckless Drivin0/121.1716.86
Joey Gargaro, Full Boar0/116.5115.1
Joey Gargaro, World Finals 120/112.9111.83
Josh Williams, Vicor Bigfoot0/114.4310.8
Kevin Hetmanski, Yeti MT 3.01/123.1723.82
Kyle Krone, Grave Digger0/118.4710.6
Matt Stoltz, JConcepts3/141.6949.11
Mike Kirby, Team KNK0/113.9411.73
Mikey Mascia, 7471/124.0925.394
Mikey Mascia, Grave Robber1/123.7425.17
Mikey Mascia, Thrasher2/132.6236.28
Ronnie Santucci, Max D0/113.2510.78
Ronnie Santucci, No Limit2/138.7838.148
Russ Bryant, J concepts5/049.49171.3
Sonny Santucci, Extreme Overkil4/154.91141.57
Sonny Santucci, Team ZRP2/132.1243.16
Tad Goad, No Problem2/135.3943.28
Titan, Mikey Mascia1/123.1227.48

* Stats are for this event only

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