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PlayerWinsLossesWin PctPFPA
Bari Musawwir, Gunslinger31.7548.1647.559
Bari Musawwir, Metal Mulisha01.0014.0812.27
Brad Pitt, Son uva Digger01.0099.9911.02
Charles Newberr, Taz01.0099.9916.99
CharlesNewberry, Hazardous Mater01.0099.9912.3
CharlieBuckland, Monster Energy01.0016.4510.93
CharlieBuckland, SS Grave Digger11.5024.0524.44
Chris Roberts, Rage01.0012.4511.6
Clyde Delisle, Bad News Green01.0015.5412.08
Clyde Delisle, Bad News Purple11.5021.84110.78
Clyde Delisle, Iron Outlaw01.0099.9910.75
Clyde Delisle, Mad Scientist11.5026.2125.99
Gavin Kirby, Grave Digger11.5036.628.14
Greg Sopa, The Legend01.0017.1615.6
James Linnenbau, Frogger11.5031.27112.64
James Linnenbau, Super ShaftJeep11.5034.6226.68
Jamie Grund, Son Uva Digger11.5025.85111.03
Jamie Weir, Carbon11.5030.7531.58
Jason Hodgkinso, Reckless Drivin01.0021.1716.86
Joey Gargaro, Full Boar01.0016.5115.1
Joey Gargaro, World Finals 1201.0012.9111.83
Josh Williams, Vicor Bigfoot01.0014.4310.8
Kevin Hetmanski, Yeti MT 3.011.5023.1723.82
Kyle Krone, Grave Digger01.0018.4710.6
Matt Stoltz, JConcepts31.7541.6949.11
Mike Kirby, Team KNK01.0013.9411.73
Mikey Mascia, 74711.5024.0925.394
Mikey Mascia, Grave Robber11.5023.7425.17
Mikey Mascia, Thrasher21.6732.6236.28
Ronnie Santucci, Max D01.0013.2510.78
Ronnie Santucci, No Limit21.6738.7838.148
Russ Bryant, J concepts501.0049.49171.3
Sonny Santucci, Extreme Overkil41.8054.91141.57
Sonny Santucci, Team ZRP21.6732.1243.16
Tad Goad, No Problem21.6735.3943.28
Titan, Mikey Mascia11.5023.1227.48

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