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Alicorns (Bonavita)
CH Panthers
CH Renegades
CH Team 3
Charlotte (Freeman)
Commodores (Hipps)
Diamond Dingers (Tompkins)
Diamond Dolls (DeBusk)
GAA Jakes
GAA Kennard
GAA Rimkus
Golden Girls (Sawyer)
Hawks (Alexander)
Hornet Hustlers (DeBusk)
Lady Beasts (Askew)
Lady Lions (Burgdorf)
Lady Tigers (Davis)
Lady Tigers (Evans & Lubnik)
Lions (Self)
Love Birds (Wright)
Panther Pride (Hilkin)
Panthers (Kitchen)
Panthers (Manning & Vernier)
Panthers (Stiefvater)
Pink Ladies (Buck)
Pink Tigers (Lucas)
Power Panthers (Hilkin)
Red Crush (Lott)
Red Robins (Hardesty)
Saints (Uden)
Super Stars (Nolte)
Tigers (Rankin)
White Tigers (Wall)
Wild Things (Snell)
Zombies (Thompson)

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