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Baldwin 6th
Baldwin City 3rd
Basehor 3rd
Basehor 4th
Basehor 5th
Basehor 6th Deters
Basehor 6th Herl
Basehor Black
Basehor Gold
Basehor Green
Basehor Grey
Basehor White
DeSoto 5th
Elevate 3rd
Elevate 4th
Elevate 5th
Elevate 6th
Eudora 3rd
Eudora 4th
Eudora 5th
KC Chiefs 3rd
KC Dawgs
KS.Outlaws 4th
Lansing 2nd
Lansing 4th
Lansing 5th
Lansing 6th Mendence
Lansing K-1
Law Jr Lions
Law. Hurricanes 3rd
Law. Hurricanes 5th
Law. Hurricanes 6th
Law. Jr. Lions 3rd
Law. Jr. Lions 5th
Law. Wolf Pack
Leavenworth 4th
Manhattan 3rd
Manhattan 5th Hennigh
Manhattan 5th McCurdy
Manhattan 6th
Mill Valley 3rd
Mill Valley 4th
Mill Valley 5th Adcox
Mill Valley 5th Borchard
Mill Valley 6th
Mill Valley Silver
Piper 2nd Flag
Piper 3rd
Piper 4th
Piper 6th
Piper 6th #2
Piper K-1 #1 Shore
Piper K-1 #2 Jenkins
Piper K-1 #3
Sh. Hts 5th Shively
Shawnee Hts 3rd
Shawnee Hts 5th Martinez
Shawnee Hts 6th Summers
Shawnee Hts 6th Michael
Shawnee Hts Dunkin
Shawnee Hts Monroe
Spring Hill 6th
Titans 6th
Tongy 3rd
Tongy 4th
Tongy 5th
Tongy 6th
Top Renegades 6th
Top. Crush 3rd
Top. Crush 4th
Top. Crush 6th
Top. Renegades 3rd
Top. Renegades 4th
Turner 2nd
Turner 4th
Turner 6th
Turner K-1 #1
Turner K-1 #2
Washburn Rural Jr.Blues 4th
Washburn Rural Jr.Blues 5th
Washburn Rural Jr.Blues 6th

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