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3D Nation 2027 5th Boys
3D Nation 2028 4th Boys
3D Nation 2029 4th Boys
3D Nation 2030 3rd Boys
3D Nation Orange 7th Boys
3D Select 2024 8th Boys
3-D Select 2025 7th Boys
3D Select 2026 6th Boys
3D STL Archers 8th Boys
3D STL Archers Freshmen Boys
3D STL Archers Varsity Boys
3-D Vision 16U JV Boys
3D Vision 17U Varsity Boys
3D Vision Academy 16U Black JV Boys
3D Vision Academy 16U Orange JV Boys
3D Vision Academy 2025 7th Girls
3D Vision Academy 3rd Boys
3D Vision Academy 4th Boys
3D Vision Academy 6th Girls
3D Vision Academy Black 5th Boys
3D Vision Academy Black 6th Boys
3D Vision Academy Black 7th Boys
3D Vision Academy Black 8th Boys
3D Vision Academy Black Freshmen Boys
3D Vision Academy Orange 5th Boys
3D Vision Academy Orange 6th Boys
3D Vision Academy Orange 7th Boys
3D Vision Academy Orange 8th Boys
3D Vision Academy Orange Freshmen Boys
3D Vision Academy White 6th Boys
3D Vision Academy White 8th Boys
Aces DeGreeff 8th Boys
All-Stars 7th Boys
Avalanche 8th Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 3rd Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 4th Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 5th Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 6th Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 7th Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 8th Boys
Ball Hogg Academy 8th Girls
Ball Hogg Academy Black 6th Girls
Ball Hogg Academy Freshmen Boys
Ball Hogg Academy JV Boys
Banshees 7th Girls
Barbieri 4th Girls
Beast Mode 6th Girls
Beast Mode Silver 6th Girls
Bethalto Gray 6th Girls
Bethalto White 6th Girls
Bi-State Basketball 7th Boys
B-Les 6th Boys
Blue Devils Navy 6th Boys
Blue Devils Navy 8th Girls
Blue Devils White 6th Boys
Blue Devils White 8th Girls
Bobcats 4th Girls
Bobcats Freshmen Boys
Boys & Girls Club O'Fallon 3rd Boys
Boys & Girls Club O'Fallon 4th Boys
Boys & Girls Club O'fallon 7th Boys
Brannam 7th Boys
Bricklayers JV Boys
Bruins Kirksey 3rd Boys
Bruins Kirksey 6th Boys
Bruins Kirksey Freshmen Boys
Bulldogs Ramthun 5th Boys
Bulls DeBold 5th Boys
Bulls Peplow Black 7th Boys
Bulls Peplow White 7th Boys
Central Lady Knights 7th Girls
Christ Community 8th Boys
Christian O'fallon JV Boys
Christian O'Fallon Varsity Boys
Collinsville JV Boys
Columbia 4th Girls
Columbia 8th Girls
Columbia Blue 7th Boys
Columbia Cole 8th Boys
Columbia White 7th Boys
Comets 5th Girls
Cor Jesu JV Girls
Cougars Basketball Varsity Boys
Cougars Cameron 5th Boys
Cougars Casey 8th Boys
Cougars Epplin 6th Girls
Cougars Frazier 3rd Boys
Cougars Henderson 7th Girls
Cougars Jones 6th Boys
Cougars Masa 8th Boys
Cougars Masa JV Boys
Cougars Salzberg 7th Boys
Crossover Elite 8th Boys
Crusaders Blue 5th Boys
Crusaders Blue 7th Girls
Crusaders Blue 8th Boys
Crusaders Killoren 8th Girls
Crusaders Schellert 6th Boys
Crusaders Swindler 7th Boys
Crusaders Tabacchi 8th Girls
Defenders 6th Girls
Desoto Dragons 7th Boys
Eureka 7th Girls
Eureka Freshmen Boys
Eureka Freshmen Girls
Eureka Jr. Wildcats 6th Girls
Eureka Jr. Wildcats Purple 8th Girls
Eureka JV Boys
Eureka JV Girls
Eureka Varsity Girls
FBA Fox 6th Boys
Fighting Irish 7th Girls
Fire Elite 2025 8th Boys
Flight Academy 2026 6th Boys
Flight Academy Michel 2024 8th Boys
Flight Academy Thomas 8th Boys
Flight Academy White 7th Boys
Flight Academy White 8th Boys
Flyers Elite 6th Girls
Flyers Elite 7th Boys
Flyers Elite 8th Boys
Flyers Elite 8th Girls
Flyers Elite Gold 7th Girls
Flyers Hamby 6th Boys
Flying Knights 5th Girls
Force Karagiannis Freshmen Girls
Fort Zumwalt East Freshmen Boys
Fort Zumwalt East JV Boys
Fort Zumwalt East Varsity Boys
Fort Zumwalt North Black 7th Boys
Fort Zumwalt South Freshmen Girls
Fort Zumwalt South JV Girls
Fort Zumwalt South Smith 8th Girls
Fort Zumwalt West 7th Girls
Fort Zumwalt West Black 6th Boys
Fort Zumwalt West Black Varsity Boys
Fort Zumwalt West Grey 8th Boys
Fort Zumwalt West Kowalski 7th Girls
Fort Zumwalt West Purple Varsity Boys
Fox 8th Girls
Fox JV Girls
Fox Rickman Freshmen Boys
Fox Varsity Girls
Francis Howell Blue 6th Girls
Francis Howell Blue 8th Boys
Francis Howell Blue 8th Girls
Francis Howell Freshmen Girls
Francis Howell Gold 7th Boys
Francis Howell JV Girls
Francis Howell North Hyatt 4th Boys
Francis Howell O'Haire 6th Boys
Francis Howell Varsity Girls
Francis Howell White 8th Boys
Freeburg 4th Girls
G2 Fire 8th Girls
Gators 3rd Boys
Gators 6th Girls
Greyhounds Espe 8th Boys
Hancock Varsity Boys
Havoc JV Girls
Havoc Varsity Girls
Hawks JV Girls
Hawks Tabash 5th Boys
Heat Jelks 2026 6th Boys
Hickory 6th Boys
Holy Redeemer 5th Girls
Holy Redeemer 7th Girls
Hot Shots Freshmen Girls
Huskies 5th Girls
Indians Varsity Boys
IQuest 6th Boys
Jaguars Peplow Freshmen Boys
JCC Maccabi JV Boys
Jeffco Jam Varsity Boys
Jeffco Storm 6th Girls
Jets King 4th Boys
Jr. Ark Varsity Boys
King 5th Boys
Kings Hogan 8th Boys
Kipp Varsity Girls
Kirkwood JV Girls
Kirkwood Varsity Girls
Knights 2023 Varsity Girls
Knights 2027 Black 6th Girls
Knights 2027 Blue 5th Girls
Knights 2027 Gray 6th Girls
Knights Basketball Ramthun 8th Boys
Knights Black 2024 Rolfes 7th Girls
Knights Black 5th Boys
Knights Black Rolfes 2025 6th Girls
Knights Black Tojo 2025 6th Girls
Knights Chalmers 2024 8th Boys
Knights Dutton 8th Boys
Knights Eckhard 6th Boys
Knights Gaona 5th Boys
Knights Gold Humiston 7th Boys
Knights Gold Humiston 8th Girls
Knights Hill 4th Girls
Knights Kokal 6th Boys
Knights McKinzie Grey 2025 7th Girls
Knights McKinzie Red 2025 7th Girls
Knights Mense 2027 5th Boys
Knights Montandon Black 6th Boys
Knights Montandon Gold 6th Boys
Knights Orlando 6th Boys
Knights Paspalas 5th Boys
Knights Petri 7th Boys
Knights Reed 7th Girls
Knights Reinsch 2024 Team 1 8th Boys
Knights Reinsch 2024 Team 2 8th Boys
Knights Reitz JV Girls
Knights Schuman 2027 5th Boys
Knights White 2024 Rolfes 7th Girls
Knights White 2025 Rolfes 6th Girls
Knights White 5th Boys
Knights White Humiston 7th Boys
Knights White Tojo 2025 6th Girls
Knights Wilkenson 5th Girls
Kraemer JV Boys
Kutis 8th Girls
Kutis Red 5th Boys
Kutis South 4th Boys
Kutis South 4th Girls
Kutis South 6th Boys
Kutis White 5th Boys
Lady Irish 5th Girls
Lady Warriors Freshmen Girls
Lafayette Black 8th Girls
Lafayette Gold 8th Girls
Lafayette Gold Freshmen Girls
Lafayette Sommer 7th Boys
Lancers Buckman 7th Boys
Let It Fly 2027 Select 5th Boys
Let It Fly 2028 Prep 4th Boys
LHBA 4th Boys
LHBA 4th Girls
LHBA 5th Boys
LHBA 6th Boys
LHBA 7th Boys
LHBA 7th Girls
LHBA 8th Boys
LHBA 8th Girls
LHBA Freshmen Boys
LHBA Freshmen Girls
Liberty 4th Boys
Liberty 5th Girls
Liberty 6th Girls
Liberty Christian Varsity Girls
Liberty Red 4th Girls
Liberty Red 5th Boys
Liberty Red 6th Boys
Liberty Red 7th Boys
Liberty Red 8th Boys
Lightning Forbes 8th Boys
Lindbergh Freshmen Girls
Lindbergh Storm 5th Girls
Lions Clayborne 6th Girls
Lions Woodard 5th Girls
Lumber Jacks 4th Boys
Lumber Jacks 7th Boys
Lutheran Cougars 5th Boys
Machine Elite 8th Boys
Machine Elite Freshmen Boys
Machine Elite Freshmen Elite Boys
Machine Elite Varsity Boys
Magic 2023 Freshmen Boys
Magic Basketball JV Boys
Magic Varsity Boys
Marquette 4th Girls
Marquette 5th Girls
Marquette 6th Girls
Marquette 7th Girls
Marquette Blue 8th Girls
Marquette Blue Varsity Girls
Marquette Freshmen Girls
Marquette Green 8th Girls
Marquette Green Varsity Girls
Marquette JV Girls
Marquette Prunty 7th Boys
Master Status Basketball 3rd Boys
Mavericks Black 3rd Boys/Girls
Mavericks Black 3rd Girls
Mavericks Black 6th Girls
Mavericks Black 7th Boys
Mavericks Black 7th Girls
Mavericks Black 8th Boys
Mavericks Black 8th Girls
Mavericks Black Varsity Girls
Mavericks Blue 5th Girls
Mavericks Blue 7th Boys
Mavericks Blue 7th Girls
Mavericks Elite Freshmen Boys
Mavericks White 5th Boys
Mavericks White 6th Boys
Mavericks White 6th Girls
Mavericks White 7th Boys
Mavericks White 7th Girls
Mavericks White 8th Boys
Mavericks White 8th Girls
Mavericks White Freshmen Boys
Mavericks White Freshmen Girls
McCluer North Varsity Girls
Mehlville Galentine JV Girls
Mehlville JV Girls
Mehlville Varsity Boys
Mehlville Varsity Girls
Mercury 8th Boys
MICDS Varsity Girls
Mighty Mustangs 4th Girls
Missouri Elite JV Boys
Missouri Elite Varsity Boys
Missouri Impact 16U Varsity Boys
Missouri Impact JV Boys
MLS Lions 6th Boys
MO Phenom 2026 7th Girls
MO Phenom 2027 5th Girls
MO Phenom A 2024 Freshmen Girls
MOCO Cats 8th Girls
Monica's Monsters JV Boys
Monsters Freshmen Boys
Mustangs Suelmann 3rd Boys
New Haven JV Girls
North County Celtics 8th Boys
Northstars 5th Girls
Northstars Blue 7th Girls
Northstars Blue 8th Girls
Northstars Orange 7th Girls
Northstars Orange 8th Girls
Northstars Team 1 JV Girls
Northstars Team 2 JV Girls
Northstars Varsity Girls
Oakville 6th Girls
Oakville Bishop 8th Girls
Oakville Freshmen Girls
Oakville JV Girls
Oakville Schnur 7th Girls
Oakville Varsity Girls
O'Fallon Flight 7th Boys
Orange Crush 6th Girls
Outlaws 4th Girls
Pacers JV Boys
Parkway North JV Girls
Parkway North Varsity Girls
Parkway West 2nd Boys
Parkway West 5th Girls
Parkway West 6th Boys
Parkway West Blue 8th Boys
Parkway West White 8th Boys
Pattonville JV Girls
Pioneer Elite White 8th Boys
Purple Rain 4th Girls
Purple Rain 5th Girls
Purple Rain 6th Girls
Purple Rain 7th Girls
Raptors Guethle 6th Boys
Raptors Heitert 5th Boys
Raptors Heitert 7th Boys
Rebels Elite Basketball 4th Girls
Rebels Elite Basketball 6th Girls
Rebels Elite Basketball Blue 7th Girls
Rebels Elite Basketball Blue 8th Girls
Rebels Elite Basketball Freshmen Girls
Rebels Elite Basketball White 8th Girls
Red Storm JV Boys
Rim Shakers 8th Girls
Rockets 6th Boys
Rockwood Summit JV Girls
Rockwood Summit Varsity Girls
Ross Stars 5th Boys
Saints 4th Boys
SC Hoopers 5th Girls
SCL 5th Boys
SCL 8th Boys
SCL Glaciers 5th Girls
Seckman Blue 8th Girls
Seckman Freshmen Girls
Seckman Gold 8th Girls
Seckman JV Boys
Seckman JV Girls
Seckman Varsity Girls
SEMO Sizzle 2022 Varsity Girls
SEMO Sizzle 2025 7th Girls
SEMO Sizzle 2026 6th Girls
Sharp Shooters 8th Boys
Shooting Stars 2024 8th Girls
SMMA Wright 6th Boys
South City Fireballs 5th Girls
South City Jets 6th Boys
South City Jets 8th Boys
South City Jets JV Boys
South Side Stars 6th Girls
Southside Angels 7th Girls
Southside Basketball Academy 5th Girls
Southside Basketball Academy Black 6th Girls
Southside Basketball Academy Green 4th Girls
Southside Basketball Academy Grey 6th Girls
Southside Basketball Academy White 4th Girls
Sparkles 5th Girls
SRA 5th Boys
St. Charles Ballerz 6th Boys
St. Charles Blue Devils 4th Boys
St. Charles Blue Devils 8th Boys
St. Charles Bulldogs Blue 6th Boys
St. Charles Bulldogs Red 6th Boys
St. Charles Flames 7th Girls
St. Charles Flames 8th Girls
St. Charles Flames JV Girls
St. Charles West JV Boys
St. Charles West Varsity Boys
St. Dominic Freshmen Boys
St. Dominic JV Girls
St. Dominic Varsity Girls
St. Joe Crusaders 7th Boys
St. Justin 5th Boys
St. Justin 7th Girls
St. Justin's 8th Girls
St. Louis Blue Knights JV Girls
St. Louis Cobras 5th Boys
St. Louis Hawks Varsity Boys
St. Louis Jaguars 5th Boys
St. Louis Jazz 3rd Boys
St. Louis Jazz 8th Boys
St. Louis Lakers 8th Boys
St. Louis Patriots JV Boys
St. Louis Sonics 7th Boys
St. Louis Steamers 6th Girls
St. Louis Storm 5th Girls
St. Louis Storm 7th Boys
St. Louis Storm Freshmen Boys
St. Mary's 7th Boys
St. Mary's Green 7th Boys
St. Simon 6th Boys
St. Simon 7th Boys
Stallions Freshmen Boys
Stallions Select 3rd Boys
Steelville 7th Boys
STL Blue Knights Duncan Freshmen Boys
STL Flight 6th Girls
STL Flight 8th Girls
STL Gunners 8th Boys
STL Gunners Varsity Girls
STL Home School Blue Knights Tucker 8th Boys
STL Home School Blue Knights Varsity Boys
STL Lady Renegades 4th Girls
STL Lady Renegades 8th Girls
STL Mavericks 7th Boys
STL Rockstars 8th Girls
STL Stars 5th Boys
STL Wolves 5th Boys
STORM Freshmen Girls
Summit Jr. Falcons 8th Boys
Summit Mantz 4th Boys
Synergy Stars Freshmen Girls
TBA 2 5th Boys
Team Sacrifice 4th Girls
Team Sacrifice 6th Boys
Team Sacrifice 7th Boys
Team Sacrifice 7th Girls
Team Sacrifice Freshmen 2023 JV Girls
Team Sacrifice Freshmen Boys
Team Sacrifice Freshmen Girls
Team Sacrifice JV Girls
Team St. Louis OnESpED Freshmen Girls
Team St. Louis White Freshmen Girls
Team Too Much Varsity Boys
Thunder Hall 8th Boys
Thunder Harris 7th Boys
Tigers Lynch 7th Girls
Tigers Robson Freshmen Boys
Timberland Wolves Varsity Boys
Titans Swindler Freshmen Boys
Top Guns 4th Boys
Top View 8th Grade Girls
Triple Threat 6th Boys
Troy JV Boys
Troy Meyers 7th Girls
Troy Varsity Boys
Union 8th Girls
Union Garbs 5th Boys
Union Rogers 5th Boys
Unstoppable Basketball Academy 5th Girls
Unstoppable Basketball Academy 6th Girls
Unstoppable Basketball Academy Black 7th Girls
Unstoppable Basketball Academy Black 8th Girls
Unstoppable Basketball Academy White 7th Girls
Unstoppable Basketball Academy White 8th Girls
Villa Saints Maroon 8th Girls
Villa Saints White 8th Girls
Warrenton Warriors 6th Boys
Warriors DeBold Blue 8th Boys
Warriors DeBold White 8th Boys
Warriors Kandlbinder 7th Boys
Warriors Long 5th Boys
Warriors Prunty 2nd Boys
Washington 8th Girls
Washington Freshmen Girls
Washington Varsity Girls
Waterloo 7th Girls
Wentzville Pirates 6th Boys
WeR1 2025 7th Boys
WeR1 2026/2025 7th Boys
WeR1 2027/2028 5th Boys
West County Basketball Blue 6th Boys
West County Basketball Blue 8th Boys
West County Basketball Blue Freshmen Boys
West County Basketball Gold 5th Boys
West County Basketball Gold 6th Boys
West County Basketball Gold 7th Boys
West County Basketball Gold 8th Boys
West County Basketball Gold Freshmen Boys
West County Basketball Gold Varsity Boys
West County Basketball White 7th Boys
Westside Warriors 6th Girls
Whitfield Varsity Girls
Wildwood Hall 4th Girls
Wildwood Tigers 5th Boys
Wildwood Warriors 6th Boys
Windsor 6th Girls
Windsor 7th Boys
Winfield 6th Girls
Winfield 8th Girls
Winfield JV Girls
Wolves Varsity Girls

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