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Welcome to the 2018 Indian Nations Lacrosse Conference Post-Season Tournament.

The 2018 Indian Nations Lacrosse PST is set to begin using a Pool Play format. Pool games face-off on Thursday, May 10th @ 6:00pm @ Nienhuis Park in Broken Arrow. Pool play will conclude Saturday evening where we will advance the top four teams in each pool into the Championship Finals on Sunday.

Pool play games will be played using a shortened game time. The regular season 24-minute time shall be reduced into 2-20-minute half's.

The Points System for pool play shall be calculated using the following:

Weighted Points (4th - 8th only):
Teams shall receive the following points utilizing the INLC regular season schedules, scores & final standings prior to entering pool play.

Divisional 1st place = 3 points
Divisional 2nd Place = 2 points
Divisional 3rd Place = 1 point
* Each team entered into the tournament shall receive 1 additional point for each regular season win.

(Ex. Teams going 8-0 in regular season and finishing 1st place in division will receive 11 points)

Pool Play Points:
WIN = 10 points
WIN BY FORFIET =3 points
TIE = 1 point
LOSE = 0 points
GOAL = 1 point shall be accrued for each team goal (5-point maximum per game).

Seeding Tiebreakers:
1. Winner any Regular Season and/or Pool Play (Head to Head) matchups
2. Goals Against (Pool Play only, lower points advance)
3. Goal Differential (Pool Play only, greater of points using negatives as losses)
4. Regular Season records
5. Coin Toss

Teams with 4 games:
Points for one randomly selected game for each team playing in four pool play games will be dropped from the team points total.

All Championship games will use INLC regular season timing and play rules. Seedings for Sunday will use the following format after points are tabulated:
Game 1 (top game) = #1 vs. #4
Game 2 (bottom game) = #2 vs. #3
Championship Game 3 = Semi-Final Winner vs. Semi - Final Winner

Tiebreakers (Finals):
In the event of a tie game, the game will proceed with one 4-minute sudden victory period. If no victor is then determined, the game will enter into a sudden victory, untimed Braveheart.

INLC All-Star games will be played after the finals on Sunday, May 13th.

K/1 3:30 PM FIELD 1
2/3 2:15 PM FIELD 1
4TH 2:15 PM FIELD 2
5TH 4:45 PM FIELD 2
6TH 3:30 PM FIELD 2
7TH 3:30 PM FIELD 3
8TH 4:45 PM FIELD 3

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