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The home team will be the team identified on the top of the bracket and
the visiting team will be responsible for providing the chain crew for each

Mighty Mite - Player Participation:
Each player must play 2 quarters of uninterrupted play, playing at least 1 quarter in each half, both offense and defense. This must be shown on the roster and given to the opposing coach at weigh-in.There will be no substitutions within a quarter other than for injury. Once injured player recovers, player must immediately re-enter the game to fulfill the quarter started. If player is late for weigh-in then that player will not play until second half and only be required to play one quarter.
a. After the coin toss options, play will start at the defensive teamís
25-yard line.
b. Each team will have one series of downs, 1st and goal, starting at
the 25-yard line.
c. Teams cannot make a 1st down or be awarded an automatic 1st
d. If a defensive team penalty is accepted, the down will be replayed.
e. If an offensive team penalty is accepted, the down will be replayed
unless the penalty carries a loss of down.
f. Whichever team has the highest score or the most penetration
distance after 4 downs and maintains possession for all 4 downs,
wins the game.
g. If both teams have lost yardage after 4 downs, or have lost
possession, or have the same score or penetration, the overtime
will be replayed.
h. Defensive pass interference carries a 15-yard penalty if accepted
plus the down is replayed.
i. The offense must maintain possession. If the defense gains
possession of the ball during play, the ball becomes dead and the
team in original possession will be recorded with zero yards gained.
j. One point will be awarded for the score in an OT victory.

3rd Ė 7th grade Post-Season Tournament (PST)

1. The INFC Commissioner will be Tournament Director and will make the
final ruling on any disputes. Unacceptable behavior, unsportsmanlike conduct,
or violation of rules will not be tolerated. The penalties assessed for infraction
of the rules will be the suspension of coaches, parents, or players, forfeiture
of game(s), the team elimination from the tournament, or any action deemed
appropriate by majority vote of the Commission.
2. All INFC Bylaw rules will be in effect including INFC regular overtime
rules and INFC regular gate admission policy (exceptions to gate policy
administered for Championship games).
3. Tournament format will be double elimination with single elimination in
the semi-finals. (NO IF GAMES)
a. Games are scheduled to start on the hour.
b. 20 minute running clock per half with 5-minute half-time
intermission. During the final minute of the game, the clock will
run in accordance with OSSAA High School rules. This rule is to
allow a team to stop the clock on incomplete passes, running out
of bounds, etc. to prevent teams from stalling in the final minute of
play. Captainís choice will be secured before leaving the field at half.
c. Each team will be allowed one (1) time out per half. No carry
overs to the 2nd half. The Official, at his discretion, can stop the
clock and issue a delay of game penalty if, in his opinion, a team is
intentionally delaying the game. The clock will stop with injuries
and time outs (clock does not stop after a touchdown).
d. Tournament finals will be full game with a mandatory weigh-in.
e. Suspension of play due to inclement weather may result in moving
each gameís starting time or complete rescheduling.
f. Forfeit fee of $100.00 per game will be assessed to the team.
4. Standard kick off and receiving procedures will be in effect.
5. Five - play minimum participation rule for all grades for each game will
be in effect.
a. Tournament finals will adhere to regular season participation rules
as dictated by grade.
6. PAT procedure will be one point scored for a successful run or pass; two
points for a successful field goal.
7. Each team may provide their own football with at least one backup ball,
meeting all specs. Team attendants, ball boys or coaches will be responsible for
relaying their ball to the officials each time their team goes on offense or when,
during their series of downs, the ball in play can not be quickly retrieved or is
wet and a backup ball is required to speed up the game.
8. There will be a team weigh-in before each game. However, a team playing
a back-to-back game will not be required to weigh for the second game if the
field director has secured an official weigh-in roster from the first game.
9. The home team will be the team identified on the top of the bracket and
the visiting team will be responsible for providing the chain crew for each
10. Competing teams will warm up outside the playing field until the
previous game is completed. They may take the field and continue warm-ups
until game time. After a warning by the Official, a team must take the field
immediately ready for play or face forfeiture. Captains must be at their sideline
for the coin toss two minutes before game time.
11. First and second place teams will be awarded trophies. Host sights and
dates will be announced after all entries are secured.
12. Teams will not be allowed to add/pick up players during the Post Season

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