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S1 1st Grade Boys
S2 1st/2nd Grade Girls
S3 2nd Grade Boys-Gold
S4 2nd Grade Boys-Navy
S5 2nd Grade Girls
S6 3rd Grade Girls
S7 3rd/4th Grade Girls
S8 5th Grade Boys
S9 5th/6th Grade Girls
S10 7th/8th Grade Boys

Sunday, February 12, 2017 @ MQH
2:10 pm S2 St Pius-Sturgeon at IHM-Zinser
3:00 pm S2 St Timothy-Washnock at POP-Wolff
3:50 pm S2 St Pius-Eibel at St Pius-Middendorf
4:40 pm S6 St Joe Cres-Brown at Beechwood-Kerns
5:30 pm S6 St Joe Cres-Weber at Beechwood-McIntyre
6:20 pm S6 St Cecilia-Strunk at MQH-Larkins-3G
7:10 pm S6 St Agnes-Lawrie-Wh at St Agnes-Lawrie-Bl

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