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BB-CACS Dragons
BB-Green Dragons
BB-RPD - Aptos Red Sox Haas/Peakes
BB-RPD - Gilman Gladiators Byrd
BB-RPD - St Mary Rattlers Racer
BB-SFB Shamrocks
BB-TECA Panthers
BB-Town School
BG-Rooftop Rockets
BG-RPD - Potrero Grays Reed
BG-SF Sluggers - Coach David
BG-The Dragonites
BSE-AFY Dragons
BSE-Alvarado Cougars
BSE-Buena Vista Horace Mann Seals
BSE-RPD - Excelsior Expos Taylor
BSE-SF Day Dolphins
BSE-Tsunami Knights
BSW-Argonne Wolf Pack Black
BSW-Grattan Ravens
BSW-RPD - Glen Park Pirates Birnbaum
BSW-RPD - Moscone Yankees Blackwell
BSW-RPD - WS Cubs Wilson
BSW-Sloat Hammerhead
BSW-Waldorf Ravens
MBE-Black Panteras Matt Carrico
MBE-Harvey Milk Rebels Vashti Ferguson
MBE-Mission Mustangs David Malizia
MBE-RPD - Herz Playground Heroes R. Sotelo
MBE-RPD - Minnie Lovie Ward Graysocks TBA
MBE-RPD - Youngblood Coleman Byrd
MBE-SF Seals (McNey) Eric McNey
MBE-Stratford Fire Lions Mustang Kiley Ayoso
MBE-TECA Mighty Panthers 3rd Hitesh Soneji
MBE-West Portal Panthers- Coach Doug Doug Wyllie
MBW-Eagles 4000 Trevor Duckworth
MBW-Glen Park Pixies Karyn Sanchez
MBW-Orange Sox Timothy Walsh
MBW-Roberto Clemente Reggie Love
MBW-RPD - Aptos Bay Sox Alcantar
MBW-RPD - Moscone Mets Blackwell
MBW-RPD - West Sunset Wolfpack Wilson
MBW-SFB Shamrocks Brian Hudon
MBW-SFDS Lightning Izzi Behar
MBW-The Force Dominic Alling
MG-Argonne Wolf Pack Scott Andrew Scott
MG-CDS Falcons Matt Biggar
MG-CiTI Pirates-Mustang Brett Rosenberg
MG-Junior Dons Black Aritz Garcia
MG-Junior Dons Gold Aritz Garcia
MG-Los Lobos Robert Espinosa
MG-Seeds - 3rd Michael Aicardi
MG-SK Giants Mark Co
MG-Super Sluggers Elijah Bonner
MG-West Portal Ninjas William Duff
MSE-FSK Knights- Coach Michael Coleman Michael Coleman
MSE-Half Pints Michael Gorospe
MSE-Junior Dons Green Aritz Garcia
MSE-Miraloma Dragons (Kimes) Kerry Kimes
MSE-RPD - Glen Park Blue Jays J. Jones
MSE-RPD - Palega Warriors Espinosa
MSE-San Francisco Flying Squirrels Rick Byrd
MSE-Wolves Edward Palmer
MSW-AFY Mighty Giants Frank Chan
MSW-Jedi Knights - Coach Danny Chan Danny Chan
MSW-Junior Dons Grey Aritz Garcia
MSW-Junior Dons White Aritz Garcia
MSW-RPD - St. Mary's Wolverines Racer
MSW-RPD - Sunset Spiders Dresser
MSW-SF Red Falcons Ken Hinoki
MSW-Sloat Sevens Peter Finkel
MSW-Stratford Lions (Ryan) Dennis Ryan
Pinto Forced Bye-Scrimmage Yourself
Pinto GS Forced Bye or Scrimmage Yourself
PKPBE-Cougars Sandy Naser
PKPBE-Miraloma Fire Dragons C. Gagan
PKPBE-New School Fireballs Keith Kiss
PKPBE-RPD - Bayview Braves P. Sotelo
PKPBE-RPD - Kimbell Ramblers Robinson
PKPBE-RPD - St Mary Tornados Taylor Jr.
PKPBE-RPD - Upper Noe Thunder TBA
PKPBN-North Beach Seals (Paola Dozzo) Paola Dozzo
PKPBN-RPD - Aptos BaySox Alcantar
PKPBN-RPD - Julius Kahn Miners Paoletti
PKPBN-RPD - Palega Pirates Cheng
PKPBN-SB Cubs/Coach Darling T. Darling
PKPBN-SF Quakes Badi
PKPBN-SFB Shamrocks Rosie
PKPBN-St. Philip Bruins 2024
PKPBS-Mcds Bulldogs
PKPBS-PKS Pandas Pinto Kid Pitch Kristina Coleman
PKPBS-RPD - Sunset Dragons Birnbaum
PKPBS-RPD - VMD Sluggers Phillips
PKPBS-Scary Sharks Reggie Love
PKPBS-The Potrero Goats Dan Berth
PKPBS-Willy Mays Reggie Love
PKPGE-CACS Dragons (2nd grade) Cesar Tijerino
PKPGE-Dragon Conor Moore
PKPGE-Lawton Lions (coach george) Gelsner
PKPGE-Peabody Orcas (Leys) J Leys
PKPGE-SC Fighting Irish John McCaffrey
PKPGE-SK Hawks Willem Vroegh
PKPGE-St Cecilia Leprechauns
PKPGE-St Paul's Celtics Pinto Virgina Chavez
PKPGW-CiTI Pirates Chris LaMotte
PKPGW-CL Wolf Pack T Garlick
PKPGW-Epiphany Eagles Rich Crociani
PKPGW-Sloat Seals Allyson Rupp
PKPGW-Stuart Hall Lions Erin Fontaine
PKPGW-Super Sluggers Pinto Elijah Bonner
PKPSI-Alvarado Cougars (1st/2nd KP) E. Resmini
PKPSI-FAIS Les Jaguars Royale
PKPSI-Rosa Parks Golden Dragons Michiko
PKPSI-Seeds - 1st
PKPSI-Star Hawks
PKPSI-Sunnyside Eagles - 2G Randy Nonnenberg
PKPSI-Sunset Stars
PKPSI-West Portal Panthers Hancock
PKPSI-Wolverine Raiders
PonyB-Beacon Ballers Aaron Holmes
PonyB-Eagles 8000 Trevor Duckworth
PonyB-RPD Gilman Gladiators Byrd
PonyB-RPD Victoria Manalo Draves Sluggers Hand
PonyB-Supersonics Mark Lew
PonyB-Town School for Boys Blue Kyle Stewart
PonyB-Waldorf Wolverines 8 2018 Michael Kelleher
PonyG-CiTI Pirates Carlos Melara
PonyG-Orcas Brent Lewellen
PonyG-RPD West Sunset Reds Burke
PonyG-San Francisco Elite Donnell Moody
PonyS-Cathedral Hawks - Gold Alexandre Iljas
PonyS-Cathedral Hawks - Red Alexandre Iljas
PonyS-RPD St. Mary's Scorpions Recinos
PonyS-Seawolves John Katz
PonyS-SFDS Dolphins Jason Tognetti
PonyS-West Sunset Hammerheads Paul Quate
SCP- Forced Bye or Scrimmage Yourself
SCPBN-Alvarado Cougars White (Roehm) John Roehm
SCPBN-Argonne Wolfpack White Robyn White
SCPBN-Aviators Noah Coombs
SCPBN-Eagles 1 Rich Crociani
SCPBN-Lightning Bolts (Buffington) Jay Buffington
SCPBN-Miraloma Fire Dragons - 2022 Carolyn Randall
SCPBN-Panteras Whitney Wright
SCPBN-SHB Bat Attitudes Megan Brown
SCPBN-SHB Lions Megan Brown
SCPBN-Sloat Leopard Seals Peter Finkel
SCPBN-St. Cecilia Shillelaghs Scott McDonald
SCPBS-Alvarado Cougars (1st/2nd)
SCPBS-Alvarado Cougars Red (Roehm) John Roehm
SCPBS-City Sluggers
SCPBS-Fireballs Jennifer Babik
SCPBS-SC Irish Boys Squad Kevin Perotti
SCPBS-SF Friends School Quakes M. Kahn
SCPBS-SFB Shamrocks Rosie
SCPBS-SHB 1st Grade WILDCATS-Bonney Jessica Hewson
SCPBS-St. Paul's Celtics #2.
SCPBS-Sunset Stars-Sparks Lisa Sparks
SCPBW-North Beach Giants Leeder
SCPBW-North Beach Seals Michael Gemmill
SCPBW-PKS Pandas Coach Pitch Kristina Coleman
SCPBW-Polar Bears - Reunion
SCPBW-SC Irish - Coach David David Mitchell
SCPBW-SHB Stingrays Megan Brown
SCPBW-St. Phillip Bruins 2025 Eric Chan
SCPBW-Stratford Lions Shetland Coach Pitch Portia Li
SCPBW-Sunnyside Eagles - Coach Pitch
SCPBW-Super Sluggers Elijah Bonner
SCPBW-The French Falcons Heidi Werbel
SCPBW-Town Strikers Brooke Jenkins
SCPG-Claire Lilil Wolves-1st Grade Lindsey Lucero
SCPG-Eagles 2000 Trevor Ducksworkth
SCPG-Rooftop Rockets Susie Nadler
SCPG-RPD - Earthquakes TBA
SCPG-RPD - Glen Park Leopards TBA
SCPG-SC Irish Coach John John McCaffrey
SCPG-SFB Shamrocks K Rosie
SCPG-SHB 1st G Tigers-Nemeth Jessica Hewson
SCPG-St Stephen Cougars Lisa Vigo
SCPG-St. Brendan 1st Grade Cubs Cristina Olea
SCPG-Town Sluggers Brooke Jenkins
SCPSI-Blue Knights Eileen Okane
SCPSI-RPD - Laurel Hill Cougars Prentice
SCPSI-RPD - Sunset Cardinals Kuang
SCPSI-RPD - Upper Noe Lizards Goodrich
SCPSI-RPD - West Sunset Coyotes Cheng
SCPSI-San Francisco Bulldawgs G Foppiano
SCPSI-St. Paul's Celtics
SCPSI-West Portal Panthers Anad Manish
STBBE-Butterfly Rockets Megan Montague
STBBE-Jefferson Rockets April May
STBBE-RPD - Palega Pirates Travis
STBBE-RPD - Upper Noe Eagles Herrera
STBBE-Sloat Tiger Sharks Temple Cooley
STBBE-West Portal Panthers Timothy Yan
STBBN-Claire Lili K Wolves TEAM 2 Katie Klingensmith
STBBN-Fais Rockets Tiffany Kulkami
STBBN-RPD - Eureka Knights TBA
STBBN-RPD - Sunset SunDevils TBA
STBBN-RPD -Holly Huskies Prentice
STBBN-SF Ninjas Randal Yoshimura
STBBN-St Stephen Cougars (Coach JD) J Dang
STBBN-Stratford Lions T-Ball (Reynolds/Leong) R Reynolds
STBBW-Cheetahs Cindy Merrick
STBBW-Claire Lili K Wolves TEAM 1 Katie Klingensmith
STBBW-Eagles 1000 Trevor Ducksworth
STBBW-RPD - Hamilton Hornets Robinson
STBBW-St. Philip Bruins 2026 Eric Chan
STBBW-Star Hawks 2026
STBBW-Stratford Fire Lions-Joel Joel Winter
STB-Forced Bye or Scimamage Yourself
STBS-Big Wreckers Polly Fields
STBS-Jaguar Cubs
STBS-Miraloma Fire Dragons L Tilston
STBS-Miraloma Sky Dragons Cecilia
STBS-Panteras Bravas Whitney Wright
STBS-SC Shamrocks John McCaffrey

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