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S1 3rd Boys
S2 3rd Girls
S3 4th Boys A
S4 4th Boys B
S5 4th Boys B Cont'd
S6 4th Boys C
S7 4th Girls A
S8 4th Girls B
S9 4th Girls C
S10 5th Boys A
S11 5th Boys A Cont'd
S12 5th Boys B
S13 5th Boys B Cont'd
S14 5th Boys B Cont'd Cont'd
S15 5th Boys C
S16 5th Girls A
S17 5th Girls B
S18 5th Girls C
S19 6th Boys A
S20 6th Boys A Cont'd
S21 6th Boys B
S22 6th Boys B Cont'd
S23 6th Boys B Cont'd Cont'd
S24 6th Boys B Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd
S25 6th Boys C
S26 6th Boys C Cont'd
S27 6th Boys C Con'td, Cont'd
S28 6th Girls A
S29 6th Girls B
S30 6th Girls B Cont'd
S31 6th Girls B Cont'd Cont'd
S32 6th Girls C
S33 6th Girls C Cont'd
S34 7th Boys A
S35 7th Boys A Cont'd
S36 7th Boys B
S37 7th Boys B Cont'd
S38 7th Boys B Cont'd Cont'd
S39 7th Boys B Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd
S40 7th Boys C
S41 7th Boys C Cont'd
S42 7th Girls A
S43 7th Girls A Cont'd
S44 7th Girls B
S45 7th Girls B Cont'd
S46 7th Girls C
S47 8th Boys A
S48 8th Boys A Cont'd
S49 8th Boys B
S50 8th Boys B Cont'd
S51 8th Boys B Cont'd, Cont'd
S52 8th Boys C
S53 8th Girls A
S54 8th Girls B
S55 8th Girls B Cont'd
S56 8th Girls C

Sunday, December 14, 2014
1:00 pm S38 Parkway South Red 7th Boys vs Mavericks Finley 7th Boys
2:00 pm S23 Fighting Irish 6th Boys vs Mavericks Finley 6th Boys
3:00 pm S37 Prospects Boerschig 7th Boys vs West County 7th Boys Team 1
4:00 pm S29 Fort Zumwalt South Black 6th Girls vs Aces 6th Girls
5:00 pm S46 Francis Howell North Chaos 7th Girls vs Marquette 7th Girls
6:00 pm S46 Bombers Harris 7th Girls vs Marquette 7th Girls
7:00 pm S32 Francis Howell North Black 6th Girls vs Jaguars Eckhard 6th Girls
Sunday, January 04, 2015
3:00 pm S29 Webster 6th Girls vs Marquette 6th Girls
4:00 pm S37 Mustangs Blue 7th Boys vs West County 7th Boys Team 1
5:00 pm S53 St. Louis Saints 7th Girls vs OSSA Wizards 8th Girls
6:00 pm S4 Summit Black Timm 4th Boys vs West County 4th Boys
7:00 pm S41 Wildcats 7th Boys vs West County 7th Boys Team 2
Sunday, January 18, 2015
1:00 pm S30 Webster 6th Girls vs Parkway South 6th Girls
2:00 pm S17 Force Z 5th Girls vs Parkway West Black 5th Girls
3:00 pm S29 Force X 5th Girls vs Webster 6th Girls
4:00 pm S17 Force O 5th Girls vs Parkway West Blue 5th Girls
5:00 pm S45 Northstars Blue 7th Girls vs Knights Meier 6th Girls
6:00 pm S55 Northwest Blue 8th Girls vs Parkway West 8th Girls
7:00 pm S44 Knights White Montandon 7th Girls vs Fort Zumwalt North 7th Girls

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