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Welcome to our Youth Volleyball Website!

Schedules have been RE-POSTED with MAJOR changes for some age groups. If you printed schedules prior to Monday March 24 your schedule is not correct. Schedules had to be redone due to several items. RCS will be attending school for a full day on April 5th. There are sixth graders in our 10-11 league. Games were also scheduled the week of spring break not the week after. There were also some issues with teams playing more than 2 games in one week or not playing at all. We apologize for this inconvenience to our participants and parents! There will be no other changes made to the schedule unless the weather decides to act out again. If a coach sees a conflict with a date they can contact another coach to see if they are willing to switch dates/times. All changes MUST be approved by the Athletic Director.
UPDATED 3/23 3:00 pm

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