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Next League Meeting is Tuesday March 22 at 7:30.
--- Review of last meeting notes:
-------- Abuse of bats --- there will be a $150 fine if a player intentinally breaks a bat, could be accidentally, but if deemed that the player was the reason that the bat broke; player will be responsible for bat replacement. We are also looking at new bats to work in.

------- Right now we have 7 new bats and 6 used.

------- Rosters will be due the weekend of the Goddeau Tournament --- no roster, no games.

------- We are waiting on the jail to know if we are going to be able to have our lineup cards and tickets printed.

------- Fields -- plan is to bring in stone dust and clay to build up field 1 to be like field 2.

------- Tommy Goddeau Tournament --This is the 50th year. will be done as a pool bracket to start, then be seeded by record for double elimination bracket.

------- For next meeting ---- Trevor Cameron would like to see arch lowered, mat widened and the idea of stealing added. ------ Scheduling -- right now with 19 teams, the idea has been proposed to go back to playing everyone once in the first half, then split off into divisions and play everyone a determined number of times. ----- Leroux's has suggested that we cap the number of games played per week.

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