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Our September meeting is this
Weds 9/12 at 7:30. At this meeting we will need everyone to bring their
tournament declarations and their $150 per team tournament entry fees.

Also as a note it has come to our attention that some officials are not
taking and signing the game report sheets. Please make sure that all of your
officials know that the game report sheet must be collected along with the
teams cards at the beginning of the game. The official will then record the
official score onto that sheet, sign it, and then return it to each of the

Another reminder teams are only required to pay for the number of officials
present at the game. For each official missing at the U-11 and up age groups
each team would not pay the club linesmen. Center referee and assistant referee should paid like normal. You must use a three man system for U-11 and above. We do not recognize a two man system.

Finally, I know that there were some issues with the score report form. This
should now be corrected and everyone should be able to use this form
properly. If anyone has issues with submitting their scores please e-mail
the scores directly to scores@yaysl.org and then send me an e-mail with the
exact error that you are getting as well as an idea of the time that you
attempted to submit the scores so that I can try to determine what the issue

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