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Welcome to the WSA Schedule Website!
This schedule includes games for:

- All WSA U6, U8 and U10 teams
- All WSA U10 crossover games with both Warwick Firefighter (WFFSC) and Ocean State Soccer (OSS)
- All WSA & WFFSC U12 Teams
- All WSA & WFFSC U15 Teams

PLEASE try to park in the main parking lot near the bathrooms and concession stand. The U15 Fields are in the back of the Confreda Sports Complex. Field U15A is to the right and U15B to the left. The U12 fields are in front of Complex (nearest to entrance). Field U12A is closest to 1st parking lot.

1) There are 3 U6-only fields located on the field closest to the front entrance and near the WSA storage box.
2) There are 2 U8-only fields located on the field closest to the front entrance but on the far side of the U6 fields. (Go straight past the first left-turn and continue on. Fields are on the left).
3) There are 2 U10-only fields located in the area farthest from the entrance (take a left at the storage boxes and continue down; fields will be on right).Field U10A is closest to entrance, Field U10B is in the back corner of complex.

WFFSC's U10 Field is at Wilson Park off of Main Avenue in Warwick.
OSS's U10 field is at their Stony Lane facility in North Kingstown.

Saturday, September 21th is WSA Picture & Sponsors Day.
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"League Schedule" - Complete Schedule for each WSA Division (ie, U6B = U6 Boys, U10G = U10 Girls, etc.) as well as the combined WSA & WFFSC U12 and U15 Divisions.

"Master Schedule" - Schedule of ALL WSA Games at ALL Fields for entire SEASON.

"Team Schedules" - Individual schedules for EACH Team on the Master Schedule (Note: only WFFSC U10 Crossover games with WSA listed).

"Location Schedules" - Schedules for each field location.

"Scores" - Scores for only U12 and U15 Games (if submitted) will be entered here. U10 and below play non-competitive, non-results oriented games.

"Standings" - Standings for only U12 and U15 Divisions.

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